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Just some guy who's seen 6 seasons and the movies and read up on the rest. Favorite character is Twi, favorite CMC is either Apple Bloom or Sweetie Belle, and favorite background pony is Diamond Mint.


IrmAftermath · 5:15am Sep 13th, 2017

During the storms, our power was knocked out. It stayed out until a few hours ago, when it came on... for about half a minute, I guess? Then it went off for a few hours, then came on... this time for 45 minutes. Then, a short period, and it was on again, and that's where we are now. We've had to throw out some food so it doesn't make us sick, but not a lot.

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...I think I adressed Nyperold, not DE_K?:twilightoops:

Thanks for following me!:moustache:

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