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I'm a gamer that loves to play and understand how games work. I (still) refuse to get an editor, even after four years on the site, so you could say I'm a bit stubborn. And sometimes funny.


A goodbye · 9:50pm Nov 29th, 2017

First of all, sincere apologies for taking so long to tell you what's going on and why I've not published anything since May of last year.

I'll get straight to the point - I'm leaving the site. My interest in the MLP fandom has steadily died down over the years (I stopped watching after season 3) and though I don't hold any grudges, I've moved on to other things, namely, RWBY, Red vs Blue, Rick & Morty, a couple of anime shows...

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I follow whoever I feel like.

But Rangers Lead the Way.

Are you a Ranger?

I don't know what I am doing...


Hi, I like muffins! Do you like them too? :pinkiecrazy:

Random follow day, now is everyday (WOW!!) Feel free to return it (Or not...)

Hey, thanks for the follow!

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