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Writing Advice: Character Voice in Dialogue and Narrative · 4:55pm January 5th

It's been a while since I've written one of these, but I've been hanging around in FimFiction's Discord's Writing Help chats, and one of the most common things I've been seeing is difficulty with character voicing. Character voicing is hard. It's what's important to making characters stand out from each other. So I thought I'd write a little blog about some of my thoughts on Word Choice in relation to a character's voice.

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Current Stories (In Production)

Tides of Love (14 chapters done, 70k words)
Tragedy and the cruel sea collide for Twilight Sparkle, and she must help Cadance pick up the pieces of both their lives.
Twilight Sparkle / Cadance story.

Playing to the Heart (Working Title)
Romance and Intrigue, with a taste of carrots, accompanied by a cello.
Octavia Melody / Golden Harvest Romance

Mismatched Love (Working Title)
Sometimes, the voices in your head aren't there because you're crazy.
Muffins / Lyra Heartstrings Romance

The Heart of Crystal Prep (Pretty much the actual title)
Cadance and Indigo Zap take on the establishment.
Indigo Zap / Sugarcoat romance, fight corruption at Crystal Prep.

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No problem. If you have other stuff to tend to then I completely understand. XD Still have some other stories I need to tend to, as well. :rainbowlaugh:

Curiosity for the most part. Your editors and proofreaders for another. I've had some good chats in FimFic Writers Help, and Max seems to have his head on straight. Quality is rather important to me in a story.
I also love a good OC or background character imagining. I may not get to it soon, however. I've got a few other long fics on my plate first, and I tend to finish what I start before moving on.

Thank you for adding, A Flame Rekindled, to your list of Read it Later stories. :twilightsmile: What did you find interesting that you added it to your bookshelf? (Don't worry. I tend to ask this question almost all the time). :raritywink:

How goes your end?

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