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Thoughts on the Human Experience and Ponies · 3:37pm Oct 25th, 2016

Good morning everyone. Still not dead, and I've been giving a lot of thought to ponies lately, and how they relate to our own experience in life.

Specifically when it comes to talents, interests, and feeling fulfilled in life.

The thought for the idea of this blog came about from listening to and learning about people who are intensely focused on one specific part of something about our world. Be it a desire to collect, catalog, and document every type of oil can since they became common, from every manufacturer, to a desire to curate a collection of road signs from every era, what they mean, or even to spend a lifetime building a castle by oneself.

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Hey, I cant' seem to find the review you did for Two Moons...

2366877 About the same; working on a new story right now myself


Not much. Pretty much keeping to myself and writing these days.

heya, old friend, how goes?

  • Viewing 383 - 387 of 387
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