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Moondancer conned her neighbor, Trixie, into giving her some solitude when she was a filly, and now she tries to make amends by applying Friendship Theory.

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Reneigh Haycart, Not_A_Hat, ZodiacSpear

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Darn it, that was so sweet. I love that history repeats and that we become the very things that we hate without even knowing it.

Great one-shot!

This was a nice little story about friends reuniting after a huge, er, can't think of the word to describe this but it was excellent. Very well done.

I found this very touching. Brought a few tears to my eyes. Children... can be very cruel, in that thoughtless, doesn't-know-better; I suspect all of us can remember at least one time when we hurt another or were hurt because of childishness. Moondancer certainly can.

Very good, very heartfelt. And I appreciate that it has a happy ending. Thank you.

I've turned down friendships before, times when I just didn't want to get involved with someone or didn't think they were worth dealing with. I've wondered, after I got into the fandom, how things might have been different for me if I had conducted myself another way. It's always nice to get a second chance.

Glad you enjoyed it! I had a lot of fun writing it.

Misunderstanding, maybe? I'm not sure what to call that either, to be honest.

You're welcome!

The fandom's changed a lot of people, I think.

I like that song! Thank you, and I'm glad you liked it.

So, I'm a little confused. Did Trixie actually play The Ultimatum Game with Moondancer originally as a filly, or did she not get the money before moving out and only later found out what the Ultimatum Game was actually all about? Also, from this story I'm inferring the ages of Twilight Sparkle and Moondancer are older than Trixie is? It sounds like Moondancer is a mare in their version of teenagerhood or so while Trixie is still a filly.


Moondancer, I imagine, is about at that early teenage years where she knows everything (or thinks she does) and Trixie is still in her exuberance is personality phase (about three to four years younger than Moondancer). Also, no Trixie never got the bits together. It was intended, and hinted at in the beginning that Moondancer thought the amount would be an insurmountable barrier. And she sort of did play an ultimatum game. Of a different kind.

The ultimatum game isn't necessarily just about money. It can also be about anything that two people desire - money is just the standard stand-in for other wants/needs, and most merchants who barter or haggle tend to employ one version or another of this game theory. In Moondancer's case, she made the offer of "This game or no game." and Trixie, wanting to play a game, accepts the terms, but fails to follow through on her part of the bargain.

Later, Moondancer offers an apology, and asks for Twilight to add to the balance on her side by convincing Trixie of Moondancer's sincerity. Or, at least, to give Moondancer a chance to prove it on her own. The game, here, is "Friendship or no friendship." The money is actually immaterial to the larger 'game' they're playing, but serves as a foil for showing how one side may offer terms that are flatly impossible or unacceptable to the other.

That was nicely done, and it felt true to character.


I'm glad you thought so. I tried to stay as close to character as I could.

69 likes, ehhhhhhh?:trollestia:

Well, now the dirty joke is done. 70th like!

Hm. There's something more genuine about Twilight leading by example as the Princess of Friendship, and thereby directly inspiring other ponies to better deeds through her own actions, than there is in her leading the Superfriends and spreading friendship at the whims of a magic map. And she's not even in this story.


Now it's 96! Apparently 6 and 9 had a falling out.


I'm glad you like that part of it. I really would like to see more "You inspired me" stories.

6574584 Either way Moondancer is a huge meanie. And its a wonder Trixie ended up like she did. I like how this could easily explain why Trixie was the way she was, similar to Moondancer.

I'll admit I never thought Hasbro or anyone for that matter, would make Moondancer important after the first episode. Now several seasons later turns out that was actually important. I actually wretched the first episode of the series just to make sure this wasn't something they just made up.

Cause honestly I forgot Moondancer was real until they coma up with Amending Forces.


She is. She's snobbish and focused entirely on one objective. Everything else in her way is an annoyance. I was also surprised to see her again, and to see what she looked like. I was entirely surprised that when she let her mane down, she looked an awful lot like Twilight--even down to the little part and curl at her cheek, and the part in her tail. Though, maybe I shouldn't have been, considering where the episode went.

6577902 Agreed. I do hope that ... wait I just realized something. Almost everyone in the show who caused a problem or was a villain almost always had a horn. With a few exceptions. Trixie, Nightmare Moon, Starlight (I like her and Trixie), Iron Will, the changelings, Sunset Shimmer, Sombra.



Hum... *consults a wiki* There's more, but I think the major villains were probably all horned. Short list of others: Lightning Dust, Wind Rider, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, Gilda, Suri Polomare.

6577929 With the exception of antagonists. But the mainstream villains are all horned I think. Still crazy huh?

Besides DT and Silver aren't meanies anymore.:scootangel:

It's kind of a funny coincidence, but I was singing this song just before I came and read this:

A very nice short story. I wish I could elaborate more, but my mind is drawing a blank right now.


I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I love that song. It's very sweet.

I like this :yay:

This was a cute little story. I like it.:twilightsmile:

But that's just a theory....

Mistakes can be repeated if we're never willing to confront them. But if we do overcome them... Well, good things can also replicate themselves.

They're all magical beings. Probably because, for all the talk of the three tribes being equal, the writers have a tough time creating villains who can stand up to the raw power of magic.

The only true exception so far has been Ahuizotl, and he was using magical artifacts.

This was very sweet, and provided an amazing insight into Trixie without actually needing to say much. Great stuff.

A very nice interweaving. I could only imagine Twilight's reaction to Moondancer's letter. :pinkiehappy:

This has earned the like. Well done!

Subtle development. Slow development. REAL development.

That's what makes characters strong and memorable.

This is what I wished the show had done with Diamond Tiara and why the 'cliff's notes' sort of development in "Crusaders of the Lost Marks" disappointed me.

All the details were there, but they were rushed through so quickly they made almost no impact.

You need this sort of deft touch upon the character's emotions and personalities to truly understand who they are, why they are, and where they may go from that point.

What they did with Moondancer in her episode was exactly the sort of narrative treatment DT needed.

Sorry, everyone, for the late replies. It's been a bit of a madhouse for the last month or so. Getting back to it, though.


I'm glad you do!


Thank you! I like Trixie and Moondancer for their potential as characters, especially as they have little development for how they became how they are.


Thank you! I'm glad you've enjoyed it!


"Oh... Is that why the third person? Huh."


Thank you for the compliment!

I have had this open in a tab for a month, just waiting until I had time to get around to reading it.

I liked the writeoff version of this story, and I think that this version is definitely an improvement. So good job. :twilightsmile:


I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Author Interviewer

That was lovely. :D


And glad you enjoyed it!

Very nicely done! I really like the way you folded this in with canon, especially Twilight's offstage but important role in the premise. Faved!


I'm glad you enjoyed it! This one was a pleasure to tinker with.

That was sweet :twilightsmile: Good read.

That was a pleasure to read.

Damn, this cut deeply. Very well-done, Moondancer... if it was anyone else, I might be able to forgive you. But hurting filly-Trixie?!

Been meaning to get back into more of your output for a while, and this was an excellent place to start. Nicely written as always, and a good depiction of their development over time and keenness to work past bygone mistakes. Very well done, Noble. :twilightsmile:

Thank you, Carabas! I've been meaning to read more fandom works, too, and I think maybe I ought to look over some of yours.

It's also good to hear from you again. I take it that university is going well?

Graduated about two years back. Now one of those full-time-employed and theoretically-responsible adult types. Still perpetrating horsewords at all and sundry, happily. Good to see you doing the same. :twilightsmile:

Glad to hear it! And two years ago was about the middle of me wandering away to get my head on straight again. Sorry I missed it, and glad to see you also horsing words around.

Interesting idea

Very show like.

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