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It's now story time


Luna has been guiding foal and adult alike out of nightmare after nightmare for nearly a year following Discord's defeat in the long ago past. She has grown tired, and when she happens upon a real dream, she is reluctant to let go of its simple joy and face the nightmares again.

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This is too beautiful for me :raritycry:

Awwww, that was beautiful ;-;
I wish to see more of Flop, but alas for this is but a oneshot </3

A very heartwarming one. :heart:

Luna and Celestia are best sisters.

Dreams flowed through the star-speckled void, bubbles of thought carried by currents of nebulous ether, around and over which pathways of stars ebbed and flowed in a ever-changing starscape.

This is my new favorite sentence. Like, ever.

Seriously, you're a shoo-in for this competition, Lambent.

Also, is this an intended corollary to your new username?


I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was an experiment in a more visual storytelling style. It is a dreamworld, in part, and I tried to make use of the surreality of dreams and what we've seen of Luna's dream walking.


They really are.


I'm not so sure I'm a shoe-in, but I'm glad you enjoyed it! And... somewhat. Not entirely, though. This was originally part of a larger story, but I decided to cut it down and focus it down to one point.

I loved that sentence, too. I was afraid it would be too obtuse or overly complex, but it's a very visually detailed, I think. Perhaps a bit too much in one sentence.

5405144 What was the plan for the original story?


I'll PM you, as the story is getting a larger, chaptered interpretation that spans most of season 1 and 2, and I'd rather not spoil anything in public just yet.

5405238 Oh, I just kind of assumed it wasn't going to be written. Don't feel like you have to say anything. It'll be much more fun to read the story itself than just to hear about it. :rainbowkiss:


Kay. I'll save it for the actual story, then.

I absolutely adored this story. You captured the relationship between Celestia and Luna in a meaningful and emotional matter. I also liked the theme of nightmares that appear in the story, as it gives that extra feeling of tension as we know that Luna will soon become Nightmare Moon. Anyway, have an upvote and a favorite! Great work as usual! :twilightsmile:

You painted a beautiful picture of the dream realm here. It was fantastic to read, and it was reflected nicely in the rest of the story with Flop's simple hope affecting Luna how it did.

Good luck in the contest!


Thank you! I actually cut off a bit that made that far more explicit. That wasn't the point of this story. The point was Luna finding a bright moment in a dark time. A little bit of hope.


Thank you! And thank you for your help polishing it. I hope I do well.

5406371 I see it now! Silly me. :twilightsheepish:
Also, you're welcome. Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

You know, in our Skype call I said that I would pretend to have a soul while I read this.


Lambent... That ending was too cute.

You've somehow managed to manufacture a soul, put it in me, and make me feels the adorables...


Ahem. Anyway. Silliness aside, I do love this. I greatly enjoyed the first bits you showed me, it was just beautiful. But that ending with Celestia :rainbowkiss:


I said it in another comment, but it bears repeating: Celestia and Luna are best sisters. They don't get enough screen time, and we've never gotten to see what it must have been like, with dreamer's nightmares. She would see so much horror that wasn't her own. But that's her duty: to help her ponies overcome nightmares that hold a real danger.

So, how tempting must a true dream be? A dream where there is peace and love in abundance, and a warm welcome just for her.

How long would she try to cling to that hope that not all that she encounters is dark and horrifying? As long as she could, with the one closest to her.


In kind, I shall repeat that the notion is an interesting concept. The temptation to waltz in and ease Celestia's fears as she has with Scootaloo must burn Luna to the core. In both your story and in the series, given that we've seen Celestia express regret for Luna's banishment as recent as Season 4.

Your point on the temptation of a dream of hope and peace is also very true and bears thought. Makes you wonder how much time she spends wishing to see more of those dreams rather than guarding over nightmares and identity crises...

Read this in a livestream. Brilliant Lambent, brilliant.


Thank you! Also, not sure why I wasn't following you. I think I forgot that I was following your other account and not this one.

Gorgeous. That description of Luna traversing the dreamscape won me from the get-go. And the rest was lovely and evocative and all the nice words which are habitually applied to you.

Best of luck, much as it won't be needed, for the contest.


Thank you! It felt like it would be weird if I didn't take advantage of the wonderful visuals we got from "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils," so I tried to take full advantage of that without going all out. Just enough to create a solid image.

The rest, I tried to create a hint of darkness that was lurking in the future. Ultimately, I imagined that it would have been Sombra that drove Luna to insanity. Nightmares were everywhere, and she blamed her sister and the daytime ponies for bringing nightmares to her. Some of Sombra's darkness helped along the madness, whispering to her in the nightmares she fought flowing down from the north.

Shot to the heart, and you're to blame! Lambent you give feels... a bad name!

Okay, stepping away from one of my favorite bands for a moment...

Very well-done. Nice for Luna to be able to take a break and just... dream. Something nice and simple. I like the log, too. This was relaxing a read and well-done. I hate you in the best possible way. :D

Loved this fic. Congratz on winning the Hearth's Warming contest. :twilightsmile:


Glad you liked it! It was an interesting piece to write. It started out as a small part of a 7k word longer story, but worked on its own better. So... I cut it out of the larger whole and expanded it somewhat, exploring Luna's past deeper, and the time she spent with Flop got expanded.


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed this story.

Why was this rejected from Equestria Daily?

5414084 A hint of darkness I think I missed that. Where was it?


Original version was too telly.


It was in the way that nightmares corrupt other dreams. What kind of nightmares would Sombra create through his rule? Nothing good. Too much for one pony to handle.

Stare too long into that void...

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