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Applejack tells Fluttershy about the great oak tree atop a hill on the farm. It was the first one she ever planted, y'see. That doesn't have anything to do with why Granny Smith is in the hospital, and why Applejack isn't there.

Nope. Not at all.

Editing and prereading by Minds Eye, ZOMG, and Auramane

Featured in the RCL, Equestria Daily, and The Royal Guard.

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This is a big improvement on the original Lambent, and I really liked the original. Looking forward to the rest of it. :twilightsmile:

Have you discovered the secret to winning FiMfiction, Lambent?

I really love this! Their conversation flows very naturally, and Fluttershy being the main POV here really adds to the story.


I'm glad you're enjoying it. This has been a very enjoyable story to write (and then rewrite).

This is a huge improvement over the original version of this story. Well done!

I have written a review of the revised version of this story. It can be found here.

Well done!


Thank you. I'm glad the story was more enjoyable than the original.

Author Interviewer

This is majorly improved. :D

Author Interviewer

And more than just being a good improvement, I think the story is more what you wanted it to be originally. :) Well done.

Meh, I still say Applejack was right over those damned bats, but I digress. Still a great tale about Applejack telling a tale.


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Thank you! I'm glad you like the revision, too.


I almost didn't cry. I tried really hard, you know.

Second fic this week to do that, sixth in my three years of reading them. I hope you're happy.

No, really. I hope you're happy - this is beautiful, and you should feel proud. Well done.


The original chapter was there in the beginning of the revisions so that it didn't look like a story with 0 views and ~40 upvotes. Now that the new first chapter has passed (finally) the old first chapter in terms of views, I've removed it.

P.S. Thank you for the promotion on your blog. I really do appreciate the attention :twilightsmile:

This is a good, sweet story. I love the flashbacks and the interaction between AJ and Fluttershy. But it still feels like it needs more. Maybe a scene with Granny Smith?

The best pie I ever had was right after Apple Bloom was born

Applecart said.


That was Applejack saying it, actually. Sorry there was no dialogue attribution in that paragraph. I left it out on purpose since there are only two characters in the scene, and the previous paragraph was Fluttershy being silent, the next beat, with context clues to tie it back to Applejack.

That's my reasoning, anyway.


Ooh. Got it. Did not see that coming.

Really good writing, and I found both AJ's/Fluttershy's actions/thoughts to be very relatable, plus the amount they communicated via silence was pretty fascinating. I enjoyed it.


Silence can say as much by what isn't said as by what is said. It's a very powerful narrative tool.

My Little review & Feedback Please forgive me I just woke up... and did this review. I also re-edited it.

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