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You're the newest human in Equestria, and you're the guest of honor in the castle while the Princesses figure out a way to get you back to earth. One night, while out looking at the stars, Princess Luna comes to pay you a visit. HiE Fluff One-shot.

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I'm only a little bit incredibly jealous of the main character.

7667998 I can't imagine why: you are the main character! :raritywink:

The no romance tag hurts me

A sequel! This time with Rainbow Dash and Pinkie!

Didn't actually realize it at first, but I really needed this today. Thank you for the pick me up. :twilightsmile:


7668842 I'm really glad I could be of some help!

7668845. Twas a monday lol. :eeyup:


7668845 I sense a sequel with an adorable, socially awkward princess in the future. No book can ever teach the mastery of snuggles.

That was cute. I think we need more pony snuggles. And you left two whole princess out. The only right thing to do is write a sequel and give Twilight and Cadence there due snugglings.

You know if you feel like it

Great work as usual my friend! You really have a way with words. Miss you as my editor. :twilightsmile:

7670590 Sorry I fell off the bandwagon! I'll be able to do some work over winter break, if you have need for me :)

This is a very good one-shot.

Ok, cute and awesome!!!! I really loved it!!!!!! U did awesome, hopefully I can find more like that from u ^_^

7683660 Thanks a lot, I'm really glad that you enjoyed it!

7684187 Yeah no prob! And I'm sure I subbed so ill be watching for more ^_^

7684193 If you're a fan of snuggle stories, you should check out my longer multi-parter- "The Snuggle Conspiracy". :twilightsmile:

7684205 Hm, alnighter it is xD tho irl I'd prefer a snuggle from Luna any day xD ...... Or would it be any night? Ah the questions of a brony

7684213 Well, you know, you might get a snuggle from Luna if you read that...

7684239 You have me caught in your web Cat xd Hm time to waste four hours on a awesome story but fall asleep at 5 AM and hate myself for it xD

I don't know why but I love Snuggle stories yours was really good too maybe do the name 6 as well


I always love a good Snuggle story.

7957650 Just posted a brand new one!

pretty cute, I mean at some points i began panicking that snuggling was a sexual thing, and well if Luna's my mum, then yeah.
also what does Seraphic means

7979262 "Seraphic" means "of or relating to the qualities of a seraphim (type of angel)". Sort of like the word "Angelic"

7979987 Thanks for answering that question, glad to know you haven't swarn off contact with me, um so you never did answer the first half of the post, Just wondering

You've made a powerful tranquilizer. I've read it in a middle of the day and it sapped all the energy from me, and made me lonely.

Will read the rest as bedtime stories. :heart:

Must..... have.... more.. cuddles... The princesses demand it. :trollestia:

8178768 More cuddles indeed...in the rest of this series ;)

Hnng... Cuteness overload...

“I can’t take any credit for them, you know. I just move them around. They’re far more splendid than anything I could do on my own.”

The artist says that the paint is beautiful, but she can't take credit, as she only applies it to the canvas. C'mon Luna, you do well.

This was adorable. Onto Twilight!

“you can’t just unilaterally deny our honored guest bathroom privileges.

Add the quotation mark

bitches cant resist a strong black men like me

that is quite the picture you have.

This is probably as fluffy as the comforter they're using.

An hour later, with everypony’s feathers, hair, manes and coats disheveled from advanced-level cuddling techniques, you let out a yawn. “Oh boy, I really think that it’s time for me to go to bed.”

Does such a thing as "advanced-level cuddling techniques" exist? You know what, it probably does.

P.S. This is a very fuzzy feely story. :rainbowkiss:

Hands down a 10/10 cuddle fic. The cutest part is when you get kissed by both princesses, if only I wasn’t on a train right now I would go “D’aaaaaaaaw!” 😂😂

Can't wait to get home next month and snuggle my fuzzy puppy friends.

I can't even begin to ask what is going on here.
but I like it.

See if you can get them to snuggle for more than five seconds before they want to do something.

I'll be impressed.

Honestly if I got this far with the Princesses, you could cancel the search for my home. Nothing would be better.

It would be pretty nice to be able to snuggle the Princesses every night :3

Still surprised by her intrusion in the first place, you nod. Soon, Celestia had finagled her way under the comforter and was snuggling you in a similar position to Luna’s.

"Finagled"; now that's a word not used often enough in this day and age. Ps i think ive found snuggle utopia!

Luna's admittance that she'd been longing for snuggles tugged the heart strings a bit.

...advanced-level cuddling techniques...

kek, techniques that demand practice I'm sure. I was grinning ear to ear once Celly showed up and through out the rest of the story. Ah, to be in that comfy ball of fur, limbs and feathers. Thanks for the sweet story.

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