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I'm an amateur writer who enjoys creating new short stories, but I mostly write crossovers, such as Doctor Whooves. I relate my stories to current events happening in my life, but not very emotional.

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Update 8/5/2015: New Story! It's called Immortality, and a good read(hopefully).
I gotta start using my blog on this site more...

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7428506 Hi, When are you going to continue star Wars: Friendship Divided and if you are going to continue it when are you going to Continue it and will it continue where the Last Chapter Left Off...
Nuff Said.
with thanks,
From The Biggest #1 Fan of Fimfiction.net Story Star Wars: Friendship Divided,
Shane W.L. Nokes aka James S.K. Plasma aka Dark-Pulse/Darkimus-Primal

7410666 Hi, Again, Sorry for not replying to you in a while, but Also Because you appreciate my Suggestions...here are the last 4 Highly Recommended Story Suggestions that I Highly Recommend for you to make..
1. A Crossover Between The All-New, All-Different Marvel-Imprint Comic Books Ultimates (2015 Comic Book) Vol. 1/Uncanny X-Men Vol. 4/Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 3 and My little Pony: Equestria Girls/Transformers Live Action Film Series/G.I. Joe Live Action Film Series/Dan Vs. ...

2. A Crossover Between Big Hero 6 and MLP EG...

3. A Crossover Between MLP EG with Halo Wars and Star Wars: Rebels...

4. A Crossover Between Both MLP EG and Dan Vs. and Godzilla-Kong Cinematic Universe/Kaiju Legendary Era and DC Extended Universe/DC Shared Film universe and Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe/Universal Monsters Reboot Universe...

and those were the last 4 Highly recommended story suggestions that i highly recommend for you to make...
Nuff Said.
with thanks and Dearest Hopes Up,
From your Biggest Fan of all time in the history of all of reality,
Shane W.L. Nokes aka James S.K. Plasma aka Dark-Pulse/Darkimus-Primal

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