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I'm a lover of wolves and ponies... Anything else?

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Zootopia fics · 5:04am Mar 31st, 2016

Why are there not more? Or any? Out of the entire brony community, I would assume by now someone would make a crossover. Yes, the movie was cute, but also badass in their attack on racism! I personally love the idea of social inequality within a multi-species environment!

So, my question, are there any fics out there???

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Heh, Wuffie!

I once got to play with a Timber Wolf some people I knew owned, we got into a long game of hunting, and chasing. Of course I became winded long before the wolf, so I sat in the grass and he was coming up behind me, I Heard him before he reached me and just before he pounced, I raised my head to alert position catching him in the lower jaw with the back of my head, I dropped to lie flat on my back, and this huge wolf decided to lie across my chest, I was certainly pinned down, it was at this point he decided I was part of his pack, I was honored, but it did make for some problems, he would not let me leave, as far as he was concerned, in his eyes, I had become a pup to be cared for, and like a pup, he dragged me back with every attempt I made, finally the owners had to distract him so I could make a run for it.


*follows back*


899349 "It's a wolf thing.." How many times do I say this to my friends and they just go "huh?"

Nice OC battle BTW

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