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So, has anypony else here tried to recreate the mane six in STO? I've only managed Twilight and Fluttershy so far, and then just barely. I want to make RD, but the character creator lacks rainbow hair....

I'm curious, somehow I want to make a MLP Fic in the future with a crossover of DS9. Though station will be different, many OC characters and crazy adventures.


I changed the ship's name to the Shadowbolt. :rainbowlaugh:

359862 Hmmm, I too have a character called Fluttershy, Admiral Alexandria Fluttershy of the defiant class U.S.S Valiant

Interested in getting a proofreader for a Star Trek fic I'm writing. No interaction with cannon ships, STO inspired but does not use STO continuity. More pony-in-star-trek than star-trek-in-pony. Anyone interested?

So... has anyone here made a story based off of this pic?
Because that picture is epic. That's why I came to this group, to see if anyone has done that yet... have they?

I made a new character in STO and called her Fluttershy, and I named her Odyssey Tactical Cruiser the Poison Joke. :yay:

Well, was on Star Trek Online killing some Undine and enjoying the new season when I saw something I'll never get out of my head: a ship called the R. R. W. My Little Pony:rainbowderp: That was a surprise.

332753 They have! Recall a certain 'Swarm of the Century?':pinkiehappy:

I HAZ A STORY FOR THIS NOW! :pinkiecrazy:

Know what, I always wonder what would happen if tribbles came to Equetria.:rainbowhuh:

Why are there no ponified Terran Empire son I am disappoint.

Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.

Comment posted by Ganzorf FiMFiction deleted Jun 19th, 2016


It appears to be a purple-ified Rainbow Dash.
In a TNG-era Lieutenant's uniform.

Applejack-az-a... oh dear...:raritycry::twistnerd:

Well I guess I will introduce myself :pinkiesmile: I am Tigrean, I played STO from the beginning of open beta and I have 8 characters at max level so if you need help in STO look for @whttgr. :twilightsmile: Also I have written two stories on this site, The Storyteller a one shot, and a Fallout Equestria: Mineko's Virtue. Mineko's Virtue is a work in progress but I have 8 chapters so far and expecting to get to 20-30 eventually, because of college I can only work on it once per quarter. :twilightsheepish: I also have a fic I titled The Cup of Ages planned. :twilightblush: I also am thinking of a Star Trek Crossover of my own still kind of have it in my head and nothing solid. :twilightsmile: Well I hope we can get along and I hope we can help each other out :twilightsmile: :pinkiehappy:

Alright I may sound like a n00b but who's the purple pony? I know they're either a character from Enterprise or STO...

Comment posted by Kane Magus deleted Mar 28th, 2013
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