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United Federation of Planets
We Welcome all to the Federation, And seek peace with all Groups and organizations.

This group is Star Trek oriented and themed, and we welcome all, no matter what they like, think, or want.

Welcome New Members!

Enjoy your stay, Participate on the Forums, and Enjoy Yourself.

Featured Story: - NONE.
Want to have your Story featured in this space? Send a PM to The Apostle and we will have your story featured in almost No time at all.

Our Respective Allies: The Atlas Corporation.
Want to be an ally of our group? Send a request to

Please read and obey the Laws listed below.
1. Add Star Trek stuff to Star Trek Crossovers to the folders.
Other things, to the Others folder.

2. No Flaming, No Flame Baiting, No Trolling, No sh**posting.
If you do a Moderator can delete the thread and if you persist you will receive a Permanent ban.

3. This is a Rule i can not stress enough, But, you have free will, this is a Republic, and i can not stop you from doing this.
Please do not associate with certain Misanthropic groups, the prime example being: The Conversion Bureau.

4. Activism is welcomed, encouraged, and allowed by law. Just do not be a jerk with it and shove it down others throats.

Peace and Democratization.

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is this group dead? because I just added a bunch of stories to it

we need to set up the balance and checks systems



I may make a folder for things like that. I might not though.

What about stories where the ponies and an alien race wind up creating something like the Federation?

Comment posted by Aristagtle deleted Jun 4th, 2015
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