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There's always a lever. You just have to find it.


Freeville Chronicles: A ruin in the forest · 4:53am Jun 6th, 2021

There are a lot of reasons why Freeville Chronicles failed, some of them in-universe and some of them connected to real life events, but the most pronounced in-universe reason is probably the impossibility of its beginning. Some very simple and basic considerations inevitably lead to the conclusion that Freeville and its inhabitants and characters are impossible. They cannot exist for a number of reasons, but the most important one is also the simplest: The time frame is too short.

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"There's always a lever. You just have to find it."

Rhaenyra has an army.

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I wish him good luck. In fact, I wish him good luck even finding the homeworld. :pinkiecrazy:

Eh just though you might have heard of it. Since a hunter might be visiting your kin soon

No, I don't really play shooters. I'm more of a Grand Strategy / RPG / Soulslike / Metroidvania guy. Why do you ask?

Okay. But I don’t know if I ask you this but, have you ever heard of Tom Clancy the division 1 or 2?

No, I just use a caribou as my user image. I'm actually a Vorlon, a member of a millions of years old alien species, here to guide humanity on its way to enlightenment (and away from looming shadows, of course!). :pinkiecrazy:

Joke aside, I believe RPing in the comments isn't allowed on fimfiction (at least unless they changed that rule since I was last here), but feel free to ask me your questions anyway if you want to.

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