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Musings: How to read and understand prophecy and vision in a fantasy story · 11:56pm Feb 16th, 2019

“Three crowns had the First King of the stags. One for the sun, a crown of baleful gold. One for the moon, a crown of mournful silver. And one for the earth, a crown of fateful bronze. Three crowns shall the Last King have, too.”
- Cardinal: Fall of Equestria, chapter 1: Three Crowns, One King

“Melara said that if we never spoke about her prophecies, we would forget them. She said that a forgotten prophecy couldn’t come true.”

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Heh, thanks for the comment. Glad to hear you like it. Love your nickname, by the way. It's pretty clever. :twilightsmile:

Hey, I was actually about to ask if Freeville was still going before I saw it updated today. Great to see it continue.

Thanks for the follow! ^^

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