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This is a fan group for Blackthorn from the 27th and 28th issues of the Friendship is Magic comics.

Five reasons why Blackthorn is awesome:

1. He's the only named Everfree deer in the comic who never acts directly condescending or xenophobic towards the ponies.
2. He's intelligent, cultivated, and determined, and the only one who sees the (albeit obvious) loophole in the Minotaurs' contract.
3. He's a born leader. After Aspen is taken hostage, he naturally assumes control of the deer army and leads them to victory.
4. He gets at least Rarity and Rainbow Dash to flirt with him without even intending to do so, just by being himself. It doesn't get any more Alpha.
5. He looks really cute in his red deer guard armor-uniform.

This group is a sub-group of Everfree Deer.

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