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Sans Is just plain Amazing. He has a number of backstory, random powers, and he's not just a slacker, he cares for the things he loves.

Also he's a Badass Fighter in a genocide run.

Can you do me a favor? Check out my brother's group, he'll really appreciate it.
also check out the kid's group as well.

The group theme song.

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The Deadest of Dead.

412177 Yeah, I know how deadeye works, I just can't physically aim worth of crap, like in normal play, with Mcree for some reason.

412176 you just need to wait with enemies in your sight across the screen it takes a few seconds depending on how many or what hero but a red skull appears on them and then as long as you can see them you hit them and one shot kill them, well that's high noon at least.

411958 welp, I absolutely love that observation, excuse me while i go play 10 more hours of Mcree so I can aim :P

Translation from overwatch to undertale
Overwatch: it's high noon
Undertale: your gonna have a bad time
(The ultimate symbol even has a skull with a flashing eye)
(Anyway just something random)

411222 this is a response to a comment that is a month old.

409974 that song was so beautiful

This is a pretty good song by TryHardNinja

409632 you are awesome, you know that

409627 Done and Done, theres your icon. :P

*i know you're made o-o-o-o-of Lo-o-o-o-ove Lo-o-o-o-ove, but i think i'm stronger than you.

408140 oh, well I still can't see it :P

408138 i found it through google images actually

408113 I love how I can't see the photo because I'm on a school computer and it's apparently blocked.
*tries to open in new tab*
Oh it's from devainart, that's why

407993 anyone a better idea. cause i got nothing else

407987 Lol

But the picture is too big to be a banner, only one section of the entire joke will show.

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