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Seriously, how do we not have a Mettaton group yet?

Well, now we do! And I'm sure it'll help fill the Mettaton-shaped hole in our Mettaton-shaped hearts!

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407073 same with papyrus

407071 its weird there ant's more mettaton fic on this site...

407070already saw it int eh undertale group

i made one mettaton fic now i just need a folder to put the story in this group.

405005 I say it's E. All of the Above.

Will anyone post a fic for this group. I know I won't, cause I'm too lazy to write anything.

For Mettaton!!!!!!!!!!!

I laughed so much when he appeared near the end and demanded Undyne and Alphys kiss :rainbowlaugh:

405004 Pssshh it's obviously C.


A. Heck Yeah!
B. Heck Yeah!
C. Heck Yeah!
D. Heck Yeah!

405001 Mettaton is my favorite character from Undertale! :heart:

My Mettaton group shaped hole in my Mettaton group-shaped heart has been filled! May I be a mod? :pinkiehappy:

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