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Welcome to the Chara fan group! Chara is a character from the game Undertale.

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Sorry I had a thing to this group by mistake when I was trying to add a story to someone else

don't hate me, but I think both frisk and chara are girls.

People like to pin Chara as the bad guy/girl, but even in the genocide route they're just helping you attain what you want. And once you get to that point they offer you a chance at the only way to destroy any more than what you've already done. Even though they posessed Frisk to do certain things, it's nothing they would not have done anyways, and quite frankly Frisk probably deserved that ending after the Genocide run. Chara says as much after you finish the Geno.

Chara was obviously a troubled child, we know that much. But there's nothing to suggest them being inherently a bad person overall. Asriel mentions they were no saint, but he looked up to Chara and trusted them greatly. Possibly as a pillar of strength, sort of thing. So there must have been some good to Chara at one point. However by the events of the game that was a very long time ago. And being a lost spirit/ghost for such a long time may have taken their toll on Chara. It's as if they're not truly a child anymore, they just appear as one to whoever sees them. And they power they get comes from whoever they attach themselves to.

407715 depends which chara we're talking about here, the original depends on your point of view.

408146 of course you were

408141 I know, I was being a smartass :P

408139 that was before i made it

i vote someone makes a group for undyne

edit: because im too lazy to do it myself

Chara is, like, my second favorite character.


It's a beautiful day outside.

The birds are singing, flowers are blooming

On days like these

Kids like you...


#BecauseICan :P

Chara just is under appreciated and misunderstood. Glad to see some Chara going around.

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