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Beware of The Man Who Speaks In Hands...

This group is dedicated to those Undertale fans who seek to join those who follow Alphys' predcessor, Dr. Wing Ding "W.D." Gaster. Here, we post stories about Gaster, talk about Gaster, and basically do anything Gaster related.

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Hey, guess what? DARK is back for good this time! Feel free to check it out!

409954 because they don't like it and they think nobody else will so they go out of there way and what they want which is almost always hate on the story

Yeah, I know. I'm sad about it too, and I'm the guy who deleted it. Why must some people go out of their way to make other people who are just trying to make a good story feel bad about their work?

408638 that hurts to watch well thinking about

is anyone else in this group sad DARK got deleted :fluttercry:

Finally! Skeledad!
Oh, do I love the man who speaks in... Legs? No wait... :trixieshiftleft:

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