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We here at ReadingSins dive into the waters of fanfiction, searching for obvious mistakes or plot-holes. We will delve a little deeper and find mistakes unnoticable by the untrained mind.

We are ReadingSins. Nit-picking at stories since 8/8/2014.

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1: Disrespecting other members will not be tolerated.
2: No NSFW material within the comment sections of threads and home page.
3: A thread about hating on a specific story will be locked.
Those are the rules!

Things you should/have to do when posting a sin thread.
1: Name of story, and link to said story.
2: Name the author.
3: Do a sin tally, it should be obvious for any fans of Cinema Sins.
4: State your sentence.
5: And/Or do a bonus round on author rage, miss-spellings, grammar, punctuation etc.

That's it! Do good out there marines!

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Such a channel would be better than CinemaSins for being part CinemaWins, but a combination of "Talk about good" and "Talk about bad" is what critics are supposed to be by default.

By the way, I made a group called CinemaWins.

Oh, no, I'm saying a Youtube channel that combines both CinemaSins and CinemaWins.

I made the CinemaWins group already

Agreed, though it would be interesting to see a sort of "Sins 'N Wins" channel. Nitpicky comedy while also acknowledging that 99% of films have wins to them.

I like him a lot more than the actual CinemaSins, which is just low-effort nitpicky clickbait trash. CinemaWins puts effort into his videos and bringing up all the great things about all the films, and he's honestly far better for cinema and cinema reviewing.

Yes. Quite a fan. Got into that during his Episode VII review.

Anyone here ever seen CinemaWins?

If this is anything like cinimasins, I'm all ears(or eyes in this case):trollestia:

So... Am I just allowed to put one of my stories in the request folder?

My sin for this group: Group uses the name Reading Sins instead of Literature Sins. Thus, making this group feel like just another parody.

"Guy Who Knows Absolutely Nothing About Reviewing Stories Joins Review Group" cliche.


I am so quitting reading the flood in my feed. Sorry. I'll come back to it.

I'm seeing a lot more stories in the request folder.... and I can't do them all. I have to get on my computer somehow.

387479 All of them aren't neccasarily bad.

397065 Just came across this. I'll watch.

I am now part of this group.

I've seen cinema sins ever since the beginning. Literally.

So.....I know everything about sins :P

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