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This group is intended to help reviewers get better at their craft.
Don't be a dick.
Don't derail threads, either intentionally or not.
We're still trying to figure out the mechanics of this group, so please be patient.

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Here's something.

By the way, we should make a "To review" and "Reviewed" folder.

Group is now NSFW. May want to change that. Doesn't seem right.

389630 Look I'm sorry. Okay Iv'e only been in this site for a month so to appease you I'll leave the group.:unsuresweetie::applecry:

This... isn't a group for you to publish your story to. Please actually look at the group before trying to do such things.

389359 :unsuresweetie: I don't think any of knows how to publish any of our stories to this group so I'm going with on of my ideas, even if it is bad idea *sigh*

What... are you doing? :unsuresweetie:

I'd like some people to follow me please i know i don't have books yet, but i don't know how to post them :derpytongue2::facehoof:

This group is now one week old.

I'd love to be a part of this! Count me in!

After considering it for approximately twenty seconds, not including time I was day dreaming.

You have my axe.

387360 ...Took you long enough.:trollestia:
Congratulations! This group was listed in New Groups for its freshness.

>tfw you have the highest-trending new group

Comment posted by Dank Pit deleted Jan 16th, 2015

Shockwave— That's new. It appears me and Scoots have achieved Contributor status.

387185 Thanks for the advice.

I'm going to be honest with the overall structure of this group: while the idea is sound, I can see very bad people getting involved and mucking it up. So I'm just going to say: ensure that people are kept in line, that the group doesn't go overboard, as well as keeping the direction of the group solely focused on teaching others how to structure a proper review. While structuring a proper review is 100% opinionated on whoever is going to teach people, I expect some level of decency when you're doing it. Reviews are not a place to be an asshole. They're a place for intelligent criticism and ensuring that the (in this case) author knows what they did wrong and that they have some level of direction to fix it.

I'm not going to keep an eye on the group 24/7, but I can see bad apples already flocking here. Please keep that in mind. Thanks.

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