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Im still trying to find myself and what my fans what. However, that doesnt stop me from trying to expand and work on my weakness.

About me(OC)

Name- Archisha
Body-Cyne white
Likes-Helping others, traveling, magic
Dislikes-Seeing others hurt, taking credit for something he didn't do, lying, doesn't want others working about him.
Abilities(magic)- Lighting up places/lighting other ponies.
-Basic defense magic- barrier,walls (Not very strong if tired. If hit with something strong or if dark magic overpowers his, it breaks leaving him helpless.)
-Healing spell- Heals wounds (There is a limit to how many times he can do this in a row/ in genreal)
-Removing dark spells- can remove null like effects on friends but puts a strain on him.
Weakness- Doesn't like others to worry about him and tends to put others before his own self(Wicth often results in being tired, magic will sometimes not work or forget things because of this)
Other skills (1-10)-
Working with others-(10)
Thought Process-(7)
Lying skills-(1)
Physical endurance-(4)
Mental endurance(8)


Blog Entry #38-Merry Christmas · 6:43pm Dec 25th, 2018

A)Merry Christmas everyone. B)The only thing I want for Christmas is pictures of Sci-Twilight and Sunset and C)I hope you all are having a great day

A Little About Me

Real name:(That's a secret:heart:)


Gender:Male(Although I'm more feminine IRL so...:unsuresweetie:)

Likes:MLP(Obvious), Writing, Anime, Sonic(Although the fandom is meh at times), Undertale(Recently got into), Animation(Hope to do soon)

Dislikes: Varies on mood.

Favorite MLP characters:Fluttershy, Sci-Twi, Sunset(Before and after reform), Discord(Before and after reform) Durpy/Dizzy, DJ-Pon3, Spike, Vapor Trail, Sonata, Marble Pie, Pinkie Pie, Luna, The CMC, Twist and (to some extent) Starlight(and I say that loosely)

Disliked characters:Rarity(Varies) and Sky(Reason-Pretty much a worse copycat of Rainbow Dash)

Favorite reads(Tags): Sad, Drama, Romance, Fluff and morals.

Dislike(Tags):Clop, M rated stories(Varies).

How I became a Brony: A friend of mine told me about the show and not gonna lie... I was reluctant to give it a chance but after checking out a fan made video(Smile HD. Yes, I'm serious...) After watching that, I decided to check the show out(Note, I'm well aware the show wouldn't have that) and after a few episodes, I fell in love with the show. Been a Brony since 2012.

When I started writing stories: Originally, I started out in 2013(10th grade) and came to this site sometime later but got into an accident and I was in the hospital for about 10 months to witch I let an old friend of mine use my account to post some of his own stories. After some events happened, I had to let my childhood friend of mine log into my old account and lock it out to prevent any more damage(Note, I'm not fully aware of what he did but I have some knowledge of his atrocities). Needless to say, I recovered several weeks after that and moved to take care of my grandparents and got my life together after a lengthy recovery. I hadn't given up on writing but I was to busy so I wasn't able to do anything until the mid of 2016 to with Ghouldash97(The friend that locked out my old account) had me come back and since then, I've been writing.

My Goal:To make my stories connect to everyone and become well known.y secondary goal is to become a Youtuber.

My thought process during writing: Typically, I tend to switch thoughts but at the same time, I writing with passion and love onto it. It typically takes me a week to writing a short story and another week to have it edited(Varies on said editor). I like to write short stories but I've started to expand away from that and work more despite my busy life. To put it simply, I put others far above my own thoughts and make sure the story goes far and beyond.

How I am with people: I follow the rule with treat others the way you want to be treated. I'll admit, I come off as passive-aggressive(I don't mean to BTW) but I'm a vary passive person and try to avoid fighting as much as possible.

If you have any question(That isn't personal), I'll be happy to answer)

Quotes I've made/used(or using)

Just a guy who loves to write and help friends out. Need to ask me something or just want to chat? I'm all ears. I hope to become popular and well liked. Im also on Wattpad under the same name.

Life may kick me down, I may not be well known, even if what I write is pointless, I pour my heart into everything and stay loyal to my friends until the end. As a Saber, I will not quit nor surrender

Like my mind, I'm blind to a lot of things. However, in exchange, my mind can roam free without relying on sight for ideas. Like my stories, I love to spread love&kindness to all that want it. Being open doesn't show weakness but rather, help me.

When I'm online

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,Friday-Jobcore 8am-4:pm

Wensday-8am-2:30 pm

Weekends-Varies but most likely be on all day.

In effect as of 1/31/17

Pony Pic( ^ω^)

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I see. Thanks nontheless.

2657333 You're asking the wrong person. I'm no editor.

Also, I have been given the dubious honour of being Evictus' editor! Any useful tips?

That's not a problem. I tend to avoid M (especially clop).

2657164 I'll try to get to most of them(I probably wont touch the new one due to it still being in progress and the M rated stories for the reason I dont touch M rated stories(with the rare exception of my friend's work but that's a hard if at times)

Also, thank you for the follow.

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