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Just a guy who loves to write and help friends out. Need to ask me something or just want to chat? I'm all ears. I hope to become popular and well liked. Im also on Wattpad under the same name.

Life may kick me down, I may not be well known, even if what I write is pointless, I pour my heart into everything and stay loyal to my friends until the end. As a Saber, I will not quit nor surrender

Like my mind, I'm blind to a lot of things. However, in exchange, my mind can roam free without relying on sight for ideas. Like my stories, I love to spread love&kindness to all that want it. Being open doesn't show weakness but rather, help me.

Im still trying to find myself and what my fans what. However, that doesnt stop me from trying to expand and work on my weakness.

It takes a real man to know your limits. However, actions speak louder then words and only when you act on them will you be one step closer to improving yourself.

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From what I've seen, it's a really good anime, with what many people consider the best female Tsundere of all time Aisaka Taiga.

2842248 Ah. A man of culture I see.

Oh and if you want to know... right now I'm watching the quintessential anime Toradora! And hi!

2836828 Yea, everything's okay. Just been busy. Now that's I'm slowly making time for myself, I have few stories I'll be publishing soon. Should be out by no later than March.

Hey Saberking, hope everything's going ok with you :twilightsmile:

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