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'Cannon' = a large, mounted gun. 'Canon' = an event which occurs within a published story. They both destroy ships, though.

Hi everypony!


Season 8, Second Half · 1:55am Saturday

Now season 8 is over and done with, I think we can say it wasn't one of the stronger seasons. A handful of great episodes, but only one that really stands up alongside the best of the other seasons. So I wasn't in much hurry to get this second half blog written, and I've only rewatched one of the episodes since it aired, so some may be fading a bit from my memory.

A Matter of Principals

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2663235 Thank you! :twilightsmile: That is a standard I hope I can live up to. In practical terms, it wasn't enough, and the argumentative user deleted their story and most of their others too. I don't really know what else I could have said, though, and I'm glad I tried. So thanks again, this made me feel better about the whole thing :twilightsmile:

I agree about following everyone at RCL quality; even with one a week, that's an awful lot of authors to keep track of :twilightsheepish:

You know, if I followed everyone who wrote at RCL quality, I'd have no time to do anything but scroll through my feed.

But after reading your comments in that blog of FOME's over the weekend, I'm impressed with your maturity and professionalism, and that plus the writing is definitely worth a follow. Thank you for setting an excellent example for the less experienced authors there!

Oh geez, I totally forgot, sorry about that! :twilightsheepish:

Well, here's to more Limestone and whatever other offbeat stuff comes down the pipe.

2641353 Oh, I get it now! I'm afraid I was out of touch enough to have no idea that they were remaking Mary Poppins or that Emily Blunt would be in it, so thanks for explaining it! :twilightsheepish:

2641272 I think it's always better to be doing your own thing, and anyone else liking it is a bonus. And, from what I've seen, most of the authors on here with more than a thousand followers - most, but not all - are very good writers and rather deserve their horsefame, so that's an encouraging sign.

I have to say the 420 story wasn't really my thing; I went through all your Limestone stories back in May. I would absolutely encourage more stories with her in, though, from you and from everyone! She is so much fun, and because we've seen so little of her, everyone's versions of her come out slightly differently. I really liked her in Stone and Sky, for example, where she had very rough edges.

  • Viewing 64 - 68 of 68
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