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Spoilt For Choice · 2:44pm August 7th


I have seven stories vying for my attention right now, begging to be written. Five are already in progress, and the the other two have been planned for a long time but have yet to be started.

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Hi everypony!

You can read more about me here, if you're interested.
Though you might want to skip past the curators' notes unless you've read the story they're discussing, and stop after the author advice question, as the rest contain spoilers.

You may notice that one of my stories is about five times more popular than the rest; that’s the only time I’ve written Chrysalis and Celestia, and some people have asked for more. I don’t have anything planned for those two at the moment, so if you came to this page from that story then all I can really do is point you in the direction of my other work, and suggest reasons that those stories might appeal to you, even if they do involve different characters.

Everything below here contains some spoilers for Why Are You Here, Your Majesty? and hints as to what’s in other stories; I don’t know if you’d call them spoilers when they’re not too far removed from what’s in the story descriptions.

If you liked that story’s approach to villains; not rewriting them as different characters, redeeming them or necessarily excusing what they’ve done, but making their actions understandable and showing their side of the story, or if you liked that story’s format of a quiet conversation, especially the first chapter’s musings on how to go on after being defeated, then I’d suggest my ongoing work The Song That Makes You Lose It.

If you appreciated the quiet talk between two ponies of opposing viewpoints, learning from the perspective the other offers, then you might enjoy Best Pegasus.

If you liked Chrysalis swanning around being a bit magnificent even after her defeat, and generally poking fun at those who defeated her, then the first chapter of Rainbow Dash Is A Massive Fanny might appeal to you, and if you liked the way it took established events and suggested a more tragic new perspective, then the second chapter too. If recommending it by chapter didn’t highlight it enough, I should probably mention that that (two-chapter) story has a big shift in tone and subject halfway through, and it might be more enjoyable if you’re aware of that when going into it. The story may also be less juvenile than the title makes it sound.

If it appealed to you because of the headcanon thing, then my first attempt at comedy, The Dazzlings Get Too Meta For Their Own Good, has a couple I’m quite proud of.

If you enjoyed reading Celestia being kind and keeping the same good-natured, innocent tone as an episode of the show, then I think the last story, King Of The Stingers, captures that best of anything I’ve done.

And if you're after a rather different, much less responsible approach to the lifestyle of immortal villains and anything but the child-friendly tone of the show, Apples & Eyeballs might be the story for you.

If it’s specifically Chrysalis and Celestia you’re after, then there’s not a lot else I can offer, as that’s the only story I’ve written for those two, and I don’t have any others planned. I would, however, very much recommend this one, this one and this one.

If it’s Chrysalis shipping stuff more generally (as my story could be interpreted that way), and you’re happy for it to be with Twilight rather than Celestia, then you really, really need to read these two.

Other things I should mention are that the wonderful artwork on this page is by Lucy Tan (who is my favourite), I have some old, non-FIM stories published on fanfiction.net, I read and write more about Equestria Girls than the show itself, and while I love writing and I spend a lot of time on this site, there are other things I’m really meant to be doing with my time instead, so I write when I can, and regular update schedules are beyond me.

Adagio Dazzle, Fluttershy, Spitfire, Derpy, Maud Pie and Chrysalis; that’s where it’s at for me.

*I don’t usually get funny about that sort of thing, but the name just looks weird when spaced or capitalised, like it emphasises each individual word too much. And ‘bloody’ in that instance is an expletive rather than a literal descriptor, more in the context of ‘seventy-six bloody trombones’ than ‘blood and bloody ashes,’ so on its own it sounds a bit more gory than intended.

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Thanks for your interest in Just a Normal Day. Hope you’ll enjoy the little trip through one of Spitfire’s many days as a Wonderbolt :twilightsmile:

I'm fine, but my computer's been in the shop for the last week and half. I had other ways to reach the internet, but as this site features mature stories, I couldn't be sure it wouldn't be marked as a porn site and ban me from the internet for the rest of my stay at my university.

Should be okay now, though, sorry for the worries! :twilightsheepish:

I'm wondering if I should make a blog post now, just in case anyone else has been curious about my involuntary hiatus. :twilightoops:

2502519 Yay! Thank you so much for your comment. You're really good with expressing your thoughts.

2502511 That sounds like a healthy attitude towards reader feedback :twilightsmile: I'll leave a comment on it.

2502472 I'd love to hear if anything irked you. I'm blind to my own mistakes, but you have the power to open my eyes. You don't have to, though. I'm just glad you enjoyed the story. I hope I can please you even more in the future.

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