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The Golden Crane flies for Tarmon Gai'don.


Some ponies ruin Hearth's Warming by burning dinner or spilling cocoa on the carpet.

Sunset Shimmer ruins it by getting you both banished to the Saddle Arabian desert.

Preread by NaiadSagaIotaOar.

Written for herfaithfulstudent for Jinglemas 2021.

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One, I love how this story shows the fact that Celestia, in fact, is very old and has gain a wide amount of skills. Two, I always love a good Sunset and Celestia companion fic. Love the story and Happy Holidays!

First the compliments: Celestia and Sunset's characterization are great and the dialogue is clever and on point.

The criticism: The pacing is weird. It doesn't feel like a story with a proper beginning, middle and end. It's more like the fragment of a larger story that got cut out and pasted on its own.

Good enough for an upvote but not quite a favorite.

Thank you so much!!! I loved the story (and the Tim Minchin reference, he's great)! The dynamic between the two of them was so cool to see and the story had so many hilarious moments. I cracked up at your Celestial Navigation joke. I hope you have a great holiday season!

“Mmm.” Celestia absently inspected a hoof. “I wonder if anypony ever came up with a name for that.”

According to the civ games, it's called 'Celestial Navigation' :rainbowlaugh:

Seriously tho, this was a great story. I love seeing one on one interactions between Sunset and Celestia and it all felt very real.

Thank you for writing this, and Happy Hearth's Warming

I love the Taylor Swift reference.

But I just really like it.

Love the TIm Minchin references!

Thank you! The alternative chapter title I had in mind was 'All of the Usual Objections,' but since the description and art already seemed a bit cynical I went for something more positive.

I love how that song puts into words the reason Christmas matters, and does so without sleigh bells or a glam rock shuffle rhythm. It goes for the present itself, not the tacky shiny paper it's wrapped in.


Seriously, it’s really beautiful. Upvote, and into ’Best of Jinglemas’ it goes!

Side question: why are the ratings disabled?


Thank you!

Ratings were disabled here and on most of my others because a couple of weeks ago I published a political satire story and, though I figured it was unlikely anyway, I didn't fancy running the risk of someone getting so angry they downvoted everything I'd written, so I locked the ratings for a while. All enabled again now.

*Upvotes for real this time*

Ah. I see. Well, glad the ratings are back up.

I still don't understand why Princess Celestia also gets kicked out with Sunset. And why can't she just teleport both of them back in her castle?

Something about teleporting having an exponentially higher energy requirement as the distance increases.

And because Sunset was there as part of Celestia's entourage, so technically someone she'd vouched for. If someone's proven unworthy of remaining in your palace, the person who vouched for them has to go too. Plus maybe something about not trusting Sunset to survive trekking home through the desert on her own, so Celestia has to go with her, I don't know.

Good stuff, but it does feel more like it stops rather than ends. It’s a decent punchline, but as the conclusion to a story, it left me underwhelmed.

That aside, a nice bit of holiday drama. Sometimes it really does come down to people you can’t live with and can’t live without. Thank you for it.

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