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Scraping my way up


More episode recaps · 4:43am Jun 8th, 2016

I just keep making these.

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Hi! I'm DWK!

The only three things you need to know about me:

1. I write.

2. I like music. Sometimes I make it.


That's it.

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Notice me Senpai!

But yeah I was watching your videos when a long time friend came over to hang out and that's how I finally have a friend who also watches MLP at least somewhat regularly, so thank you for your videos.

Posh #114 · July 11th · · 1 ·

Everyone else has commented on your page to tell you how much they love your videos. Well, not me, dammit! I'm here to tell you how much I hate them. They sicken me! I don't think there's anything legit about them, and I even think you might be under some kind of influence while making them.

...nah, but seriously, I'd totally let you sensuously feed me chicken tenders and recite pony-themed poetry whilst I recline upon a hammock (the hammock is also made of chicken tenders). :heart:

2434602 If I might be so bold as to reply to my own comment from a couple of months ago, as I've recently read your story Welcome To The Show...

Your recap videos are every bit as brilliant as I said in my previous comment. They really are. There aren't many MLP things I watch on Youtube, but yours are a definite exception. Consistently wonderfully funny and often insightful (that bow on Rarity's hard hat :heart:)

That said, the videos have nothing on that story you've written. I was blown away, and for the first time thought about just stopping writing because I simply can't compete with that.

I completely get you putting the story pretty much on hiatus, and you're right to, and you must be rushed off your feet getting the videos out in time each week. And people, myself included, adore the videos, and that you're enjoying making them can only be a good thing. But it would be a crime against literature to leave that story unfinished forever, so I hope that when you feel ready and have all the time you could want, you come back to it and write what happens next, because I was spellbound by it.

Compliments are weird, I feel unclean now, receiving praise like this probably just makes a person uncomfortable, so, that's nice. But you should tell people when you like their stuff, right?

Is this an appropriate place to leave a comment saying I absolutely love your videos?

Hiya, I just wanted to drop you a line to say I adore your recap videos, thank you so much for making them. My absolute favourite was Newbie Dash, which I think is the best Wonderbolt defence I've ever seen, and I really liked the conclusion Twilight came to in Pony Point Of View. In both those cases, I think your videos were significantly better than the episodes in question (and I really liked the episode Newbie Dash).

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