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Doctor Axiom

Hi! I'm an aspiring polymath. If you're willing to teach, I'm willing to learn, and vice-versa. I go by Cory.

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I am a 531 year old shapeshifter who enjoys cooking, music, and long walks on the beach.
I have, at times, been the most powerful hacker in the world.

My physical prowess far exceeds that of a pancake.

I am a medical doctor, an engineer, a programmer, and an artist. I love to teach and I love to learn.

I don't take things personally and I want to improve. Give me some cold hard criticism. None of the kind of polite wishy-washy "maybe if you try doing..." that I'd give you if you ask me for criticism. Thanks for respecting my double standard.

^So far, I'm the only Doctor Axiom/Amos Axiom! so just search for me I guess?

Favorite Criticisms I've Received

"Your story reads like a drunk schizophrenic trying to retell an account of his roommate's fever dream." -Corollary, 2015

"You're both full of yourself and full of sh:yay:t. I guess in your case that's kinda redundant."
-Asparagus, 2017

"You keep saying 'don't hold your breath for the next chapter,' but honestly I wish you'd hold your breath until the next chapter so that we wouldn't have to put up with you anymore." -Crysci777, 2020

"What have I told you about leaving self-deprecating remarks in your comment section and then framing them up like they're from someone else? Be nice to yourself!" -HelixTerminii, 2022

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E"What's Yours is Mine!" or "Why Work When You Can Steal?!"
Two crafty robbers from the big city of Manehatten learn about the "easy pickings" to be had in a sleepy little town called "Ponyville." Fortunately for them, it also has a top-notch hospital...
-TheStoryteller- · 5.2k words  ·  106  5 · 1k views

Thank you for the addition to your Library!

I need to look up more mathematical formulas and see how the smart people managed their formulas and selected the values. Would help on my theories of gravity.

Good question! A polymath is someone who is well versed in many different fields of study.
I like to think I'm pretty good, but I use the word "aspiring" because I think I have a lot more to learn.

Some day, if I learn enough, I might even gain the ability to transform into different mathematical formulae.

What's a polymath? You can transform into different mathematical formulas?

  • Viewing 34 - 38 of 38
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