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"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." - Ernest Hemingway

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"Let's Be Friends!" Video! · 9:22am Oct 16th, 2022

Let's be Friends! has been made into a very creepy video by SteamWriter, also known as TARDIS9, with some help from Sanekk, music by Storyblocks, and visual editing by Scribbler.

Check it out:

Many thanks to all the talent above!

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Cavendish! Now that name I remember. I'll have to give a couple of your stories a read. Nice to see you going strong.

Yeah, I almost completely left the site for nearly 3 years, but I'm getting ready to come back and start updating my poor neglected stories once again. And yes, I did find what I was looking for, but man, did it take some digging! Anyway, thanks for sating my curiosity, I'll talk to you again soon, I'm sure!

Well! There's someone I haven't seen in a bit!

Yes, I used to have the name Cavendish, and you were trying to help me with my first story on this site. While I did appreciate your help, I kinda got bored with that particular story, and moved on to different projects on different alt accounts. Since then, my own writing skills have increased, so who knows? I may come back to it!

I wrote that when I had just discovered MLP, and fell in love with became fascinated with Fluttershy, but since then I've become far more rounded in my interests.

Hope you find whomever you're looking for, and belated thanks for your help!

Hi there! Was your name always The Storyteller or was it something else? I'm going through old PMs trying to find something I sent to someone that I now need to find again (such a pain), and I came across a bunch of PMs of us talking like forever ago. I was editing a story about Pawise coming to Ponyville and falling in love with Fluttershy. Did anything ever come of that? I'm confused cause I remember the story pretty well, but not your name. That's all, I'm just curious. Happy writing/reading!

You're welcome! It was hilarious:rainbowlaugh:!

I'm just a traveling swordman. I mean no harm

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