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Twilight not the same? · 4:12am Jul 6th, 2015

It dawned on me after the recent episode that Twilight simply isn't as interesting a character as she used to be. Since becoming a princess, we see an awful lot less of Twilight as the scholar, the bookworm, the researcher, or the magician. A lot of the fun seems to have been sucked out of the character, not soley because she's a princess but because they seem to be trying to fit her into the image of a princess rather than keeping her on track with the things that made her lovable to begin

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Wow, 3 years since that comment... I suppose we will never see the end of World Without Princesses :ajsleepy: I've been away of pony stuff since 2018, but I return here from time to time to re-read my favourite fics :,)

Hello. Are you still with us, sir? We miss your fics :ajsleepy:

I'm feeling you right now PonyTom, I'm feeling you

Thanks for adding Sweetie Belle's Spell to your favorites!

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