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(You could also use SnowFlutter or SnowShy or FlutterSnow or ShyCeps or whatever. I personally still prefer Snowflake over Bulk Biceps.)


1. Only light swearing.

2. No bashing people.

3. Self-promotion is allowed, but only once per item, please.

3a. Items being stories and when new chapters are posted.

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Such a cute pair! :rainbowkiss: They are perfect for each other! :twilightsmile:
We need more art for them!

God I love this ship. Why the hell is Fluttermac more popular?! Also Cheerimac because that's basically canon Do people ship them just because Big Mac isn't "ugly" unlike Bulk Biceps? Not saying he's ugly, just I saw a couple of people say that before

One question. I got a story with BulkShy as a background pairing. Can I submit it here?


Hm. I guess I should.

Great! 'Cos we've got plenty!

I seriously can't believe there isn't that many BulkShy stories. You'd think that after Rainbow Falls that it'd be exploding with how much shipping fuel there was to this pairing. IT sucks this pairing doesn't get the love it truly deserves.

BulkShy = Superior

FlutterMac = Inferior

Yes, yes, of course!


Is it all right to mention other groups' contests? Because I just noticed the Crack Ships Inc. Group are currently running a writing a contest where FlutterBulk can be chosen as the ship you write about.

I figured that out after I posted the comment, and I was going to fix it, but obviously I wasn't able to. :twilightsheepish:

This is a cute ship. Also, the ultimate question may be: How many members were here before theultimatebrony joined?

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345374 Yup. Especially since they're both fairly average flyers that can fly better in certain circumstances. I think they were just struggling to find their mojo. Hence why Rainbow Dash had to carry most of their team weight.


That did provide some light comic relief, I'll admit. But they were surprisingly very cute together; I think they might have turned out to be pretty good friends for all we know.

Dat Twilight and Rarity Ship.

Oh, and Smiles was here. :rainbowkiss:

Albeit he kept crushing her accidentally. :rainbowlaugh:

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