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Hey there. I'm a pegasister who loves MLP, and especially Rainbow Dash (not in that way u perv) I ship many things, such as SoarinDash. :3

Rainbow Dash is best pony


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Hey, what happened to chu?

:rainbowkiss:Hey! Thanks for watching the awesomest author around, Taialin. That makes you awesome!
:rainbowhuh:Actually, I dunno if he's actually the awesomest.
:rainbowwild:Because that would be me.
:duck:Rainbow Dash, calm your ego, please.
:raritywink:But yes, thank you for watching. Our dear author really does enjoy and value that attention you're giving him, so he normally does this for all his followers.
:rainbowderp:Yeah, he's pretty cool, but he doesn't write enough stories about me. Need more stories about the awesomest pony around, y'know what I mean?
:duck:Give it time . . . You don't even know what he'll write next. The muse is a capricious creature. And he still needs more practice voicing you, mind.
:duck:And please stop saying "awesomest"; that is not a word.
:rainbowderp:Whatever. That just means he needs to start practicing.
:rainbowdetermined2:And neither is the whatever-you-just-said, "cuh-pree-shiss."

Best of luck with your writing!:twilightsmile:

Thanks for following!

  • Viewing 23 - 27 of 27
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