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Weeping Angel



Le Checklist

Get 25 followers WOOHOO!!
Get 50 followers Seriously, guys, you're crazy!
Be awesome No explanation needed. Well, except for Angel. She isn't cool enough for our clique.
Get a story on the "Popular" section YAY!
Get 50 likes
Get 100 likes
Become an admin of five of other people's groups
Create five groups
Make ten stories
Finish a story I've had on hiatus for forever
Have a popular user on the site follow me (200+ followers)
Have a REALLY popular user follow me (1000+ followers)
Have fifty people join my group
Have 100 people join my (or one I'm an admin of) group

Get 100 followers (and I'm stopping there, because I doubt I can even get that far) *brain explodes*
Get 150 followers
Get 200 followers ...
Get 250 followers?
Get 300 followers, I guess?
Get followed by RainbowBob
Get followed by Obelescence
Get followed by Skeeter the Lurker
Get followed by Einhander
Get followed by Flint Sparks
Get followed by a mod/admin of the site
Get followed by Berry Punch SQUEE!!!
Get followed by Anonymoose
Get followed by shortskirtsandexplosions
Get followed by Comet Burst
Get featured on the non-mature section I has proof! (Thanks to Sky Dance for the pic)
Get featured on the mature section
Have Knighty reply to one of my comments or comment something
Become an admin of a popular group (100+ members)
Become an admin of a REALLY popular group (1000+ members) Holy crap! How did Angel manage this?
Not totally suck at writing (Something I will totally never achieve)
Finish this bucking checklist
Have someone make a fan group for me without asking (because I'm a narcissist)
Have someone make fanart for me without asking
Have one of my stories reach 500 likes
Have one of my stories reach 700 likes
Have one of my stories reach 1000 likes? (Like that's gonna happen)
Um...uh...idek. Do, stuff, I guess?

Writing Queue

I will most likely never get this shiz done, but this is what I have planned in my crazy brain:

A Tale Of One Shadow:
[Romance] [Sad] [Dark]
King Sombra, Crystal Ponies, Celestia, Luna
In Progress-- ~10% done

The D1SA5T3R-ous Life Of Vinyl Scratch
[Romance] [Comedy] [Slice of Life]
Vinyl Scratch, OC, Other
In Progress. Revising 2 chapters

Trixie Lulamoon: Defender of Equestria
[Comedy] [Adventure]
Trixie, Gilda, Lightning Dust, Sunset Shimmer, Blueblood
In Progress--First draft of prologue done, writing first chp

Queen Chrysalis Finds A Box Of Sweet Hearts
[Comedy] [Random]
Chrysalis, Changelings
Not started

More Than What Meets the Eye
Nurse Redheart, Gummy
In Progress--20% done

Soldiers of the Night
[Romance] [Tragedy] [Dark] [AU]
Book One in Trilogy
Bat Pony OCs, Luna
In Progress--1rst Draft Prologue done, 1rst chapter ~20%

The Faults In Her Stars
[Romance] [Tragedy] [Sad]
Luna, Sombra, Celestia
Not started

Saving Silver Spoon
[Romance] [Tragedy] [Sad] [Slice of Life]
Silver Spoon, Diamond Tiara, Pipsqeak, CMC, Twist, Dinky
In Progress-- 1rst Draft Pro. done, 1rst Part ~15%

Dashing Fer Yer Apples
[Comedy] [Random]
Mane 6, CMC, Other
Not started

Queen Chryssi's Totally Professional and Inspirational Advice Column
[Comedy] [Random]
Chrysalis, Other
1rst Drafts In Progress

Princess Celestia Reads Clop
Celestia, Luna
Not started

In the Beginning
[Slice of Life] [Sad]
Vinyl, Octavia, OC
In Progress

Shining Armor Bobs For Apples With Big Mac in the Bedroom: A Novel
[Comedy] [Random]
Shining Armor, Big Mac, AJ, Twilight
Not Started


Where the Mountain Meets the Sun:
Editing! :)

Equestria Games:
On Hiatus

Be Brave:
40% Done

Alternate Ending to (Not) Princess Twilight Sparkle:
Not Started

Dear Sweetie Belle Editing:
Not Started

Sky Dance and levi are now running this user account.

Weeping Angel is the Founder of:

Weeping Angel is the Admin of:

^^Luna Is Best Pony, My Prized Achievement^^

Contributor for:

If you'd like me to edit for you, please fill out this form. Forms are fun. Fill it out, it'll take two seconds.

Status: Cancelled

Twilight Sparkle? I'm down with that! Hm... nothing like Fluttershy though...

Why hello there, friends! I'm just your completely-normal-totally-not-psychopathic weeping angel here, and this is my motto:

(This is pretty much me on a daily basis.)

I am a pretty big nerd, as in I'm in many different fandoms and I'm in the advanced classes in my school. I'm pretty smart, but not athletic at all. I do swim though and I ski, and I'm practicing volleyball at the moment, which I'm actually not bad at.
I'm also a band nerd, and I play two instruments, the flute and the piano.

Me when my parents tell me to practice the piano.

I have a pet leopard gecko named Oliver, who I love dearly. As you can tell, I really love reptiles, as was my former username, ReptileLover.

I enjoy reading, writing, and drawing. I consider myself an artist above all, even though I'm still learning. I am pretty amateur at writing, but believe me, I really do try. My favorite genres of stories are tragedy, sad, dark, comedy, and romance. I also enjoy grimdark. But my one personal rule: I never read clop.

When I see a clop gets featured. (I've broken many-a-computer)

Like I said, I'm in many fandoms, but I'm mostly part of the Whovians, Bronies/Pegasisters, and Sherlockians. Those are my main fandom, but ask me about my fandoms and I'll tell you more.

(Eleven is best Doctor :3)

Even though I am a weeping angel, I'm also half human, so I don't apply to my rules of blinking/moving. But trust me, I'm still very dangerous. (I think... I don't even know.)
My human side is Polish, although I live in America. I can speak, read, and write Polish as well.

This is possibly best pony:

Queen Poland!

That's pretty much all about me. I'm really boring. Toodles! :D

PS These are the best pone music artists:

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Wonder what they're doing now?

Miss you dearly :heart:

So anyone know what happened to the story "not-princess-twilight-sparkle" ?

I officially :heart: u. I LOVE DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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