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  • 217 weeks
    Guess who's back, bitches???

    Yes it is i, the original weeping angel

    It's been a solid 4 years since I've been on this account, so thanks to my friends for taking care of it while i was gone. I guess i just decided to come back on and see what was going on on this site which was such a huge part of my childhood back in 5th-6th grade.

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  • 343 weeks
    I messed up

    Hey guys, I messed up.

    I was supposed to make a birthday blog on the 20th but I forgot to, so I'm doing it now.

    It was Angel's birthday on the 20th of November!

    Happy Belated birthday!


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  • 345 weeks
    News and Information

    Hello guys,

    I am not Weeping Angel sadly, I am the user Sky Dance

    This account has had a heck of a ride since Weeping Angel left, with it being banned and all, but I'm hoping that this is the last time a blog about this will be made.

    Now, since this is Weeping Angel's account, I am going to try and include her as much as possible.

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  • 364 weeks


    It's Pizza (do you have no idea who I am? Read this) and I'm just here today to say that if any of you want to contact Angel, you can ask in the comments below and I will ask her if she will allow me to give it to you. Thank you!


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  • 365 weeks
    Please Read

    Dear friends and followers of Weeping Angel,

    I hate to inform you that Angel has been banned by her parents. This is because of her not telling her parents about FimFiction and also due to religious reasons. Please don't cause an uproar about this-- what's done is done, and you can still contact her through her deviantArt, which is linked down at the bottom of the blog.

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Please Read · 8:52pm Jun 24th, 2014

Dear friends and followers of Weeping Angel,

I hate to inform you that Angel has been banned by her parents. This is because of her not telling her parents about FimFiction and also due to religious reasons. Please don't cause an uproar about this-- what's done is done, and you can still contact her through her deviantArt, which is linked down at the bottom of the blog.

This is FlamingPizza, one of her friends, and she contacted me and asked me to make a blog post about her leaving. But, since obviously not all of her followers follow me, she gave me her password to her account and allowed me to make this blog. I apologize for this taking so long to be posted, but she wanted to make sure that her parents were not checking her account and seeing if she was online. Seeing that it's been a month since she has been on and her parents have not checked, she game me permission to go on her account, make this blog, "troll around," so you'll probably see me on this account at least once a day, if not more.

I'm still in direct contact with her, so if any of you guys have any questions for her, feel free to ask me and I can communicate them to her. Also, note that she unfortunately will no longer be writing or continuing any fics. So, like I said, feel free to contact me through my page, which is linked down below, and ask me about anything that's going on on her page or whatever you want. :twilightsmile: Thanks for your understanding!

--Flaming Pizza

Angel's deviantArt: http://thecrazyweepingangel.deviantart.com
My page: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/FlamingPizza

Sweet Celestia it was hard sounding professional :rainbowlaugh:

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Comments ( 110 )

Welp, we'll see Angel when she gets the majority of age. I guess.

That's a darn shame. :facehoof: Until next we meet, I suppose. Thanks for the heads-up, Pizza.

I'll miss her, well, what's done is done, I just hope her parents let her come back, or maybe just wait until she gets the authority to come back

Well this is bullocks.

My first true friend of the fandom, tell her I wish her the best and I'll probably still be kicking around here if she ever gets the chance to come back.


Well, this sucks...

I'm on my smartphone right now (hint hint).

What kind of religion bans ponies?

I fucking hate people who kill others' dreams because of their own pious bullshit. The same thing happened to my cousin when he told his bible thumping parents that he was gay. He moved out and now they pretend he doesn't even exist. Their own fucking son! What the fuck is wrong with people.

Tell Angel I'm sorry and we'll miss her.

2231275 Christianity.

2231304 stupidity.

Dammit. I'll us who don't mess around on deviantArt that much will miss her. She was a very nice person :unsuresweetie:

How horrifying... At least it wasn't cancer! *Winkwink* *Nudgenudge*


Thank you for telling us

Please let her know that I wish her well:pinkiesmile:

Well, that's a shame. I'm not sure how legit this is, since a horde of people on the site are making attention-whoring maneuvers, but it sounds mostly credible. In which case, I wish the original account owner the best.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Some parents take the slogan "Ask your parents to go online!" a little too serious.

Fuck.... well, I guess unless she can convince them it'll be a while before we see more chapters from here.:applecry:

2231349 Why would Christianity (a religion I follow) ban ponies?

What a shame, yet another wonderful author struck down well before her time, she will be missed. It would be most appreciated if you could pass along our condolences and let her know we'll be here awaiting her glorious return.
Sincerely ~JakeAndDollars. :derpytongue2:

2233627 No, it's that friendship is magic and in Catholocism like God is the only magic or something.

2233770 My family is also christian and it's more along the lines of Magic is witchcraft or the art of deception, that's why many families who are christian hate Harry Potter. Although MLP has magic in the title, it doesn't have witchcraft themes. Or any that I can see lol

2234066 Yeah, I'm Catholic, actually. :twilightsmile: I'm just lazy and didn't want to explain it.

2234114 I'm baptist, so my parents aren't to strict on praying and stuff.

But if my dad found out I was a brony he would probs ban me to lol, thank goodness he doesn't know what MLP is lol

2234256 My grandparents are baptist, too. Did you explain to him what it was though, or was he just like whatever? XD that's hilarious

2234374 I have told him anything, I told my mom, and she was like k lol.

My dad has walked in on me browsing pones, and he just looked at it and walked out :rainbowlaugh:

2234402 :rainbowlaugh: Wow, my mom always questions me about if I know that everyone online isn't a thirty year old man looking to steal children that wants to talk to me. :facehoof:

2234539 Ikr, my parents trust me though. Heck I've even had a relationship online. Though the thought of a 30 year old man talking to me was always in the back of my mind :rainbowlaugh:

2234565 Heh, same here. My parents trusts me, but I'm 12 so they're always cautious.

2234613 well yea, I would be to if I was a parent lol. But I believe Fimfiction is one of the safer places on the internet, as long as you don't go to the cloppy side then it's all good :rainbowlaugh:

2234674 that's one scary side...accidentally been there once...

2234729 I've been there accidentally. Not very nice, I'm honestly blown away by how many people actually support it :pinkiesick:

I woke up once to find the feature box completely full of clop, literally every story was just clop :pinkiesick:

2236413 ugh. That's disgusting.

2236551 Yea, at first it didn't give me much hope about ever making it in that box, but if Angel can do it so can I :rainbowlaugh:

2236560 :rainbowlaugh: Yeah, I thought I could at least make the popular box but then I reread my story XD

2237333 Yea, people aren't the biggest fans of Daughter stories (Nyx is an exception) xD

The stuff that gets noticed here is clop, sad stories, random comedy, and finally, changelings.

2237628 Yeah, I began my fic before I really knew the fandom THAT well, and I didn't think everyone liked Princess Luna, I didn't think anything about alicorns, and I wasn't even trying to write well. So looking back on it now is just :facehoof:

Dang it :flutterrage: well that sucks.
well wishes I suppose.

2238314 You managed to get better than average ratings though :rainbowlaugh: So it wasn't that bad xD

2239109 Haha somehow! There must be some nice people out there :rainbowlaugh:

2239382 I'm sure it wasn't that bad. People are just biased towards certain things in fanfics xD

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