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I live in a small town in Louisiana with my parents. I am right now a closet brony because of my parents old fashioned ways.

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Brony on!

Thank you kindly for the watch.

Thanks for adding the guardians to your favorite list. What is your favorite part and why?

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Things to know.

No.1 The Universe hates me.
No.2 My favorite Princess Is Luna
No.3 My favorite villain is anything Jon De' Lance plays as
No.4 My favorite character is Nathan Drake (Uncharted reference)
No.5 My favorite pony is RD
No.6 My fav background pony is Vinyl Scratch or Octavia
No.7 Fav tv show? What do you think?
No.8 Second fav show Dr. Who
No.9 Least fav villain is christalice
No.10 I hate haters. Just can't love and tolerate haters.
No.11My favorite ship is Twidash
No.12 Fav fanfic is A Brony Life
No.13 I Am Done!:twilightblush:

Some stuff