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FivNEIN! - I am alive, but totes not too. · 10:18am Dec 2nd, 2015

Long things short, I'm still alive.

Short things long; I'm still lazy as fuck, and although I may have secretly slid a new chapter to one of my stories (The one that got some attention for a reason unbeknown to me.) , there may be more to come. Oh, and I've secretly been training my writing style. Expect less typos (I hope), 'better' paraghraphs, and more stuff like this.

Oh! New horse. The one that's currently hanging in the profile picture.

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She is cute, and you know it!

World domination projects:

If I'm Stalking you, is for:

1- Because of yes.
2- Because of yes.
3- For Random reason #304
4- Because you catched my attention.
5- Because you do good stories.
6- Because I plan to horribly murder you at some point.
6- (Sometimes) Cuz' you followed me for no reason.
7- Because of this:

Ahoy matey!

I see you stumbled upon my corner of the net. Welcome, welcome, make yourself comfortable, feel free to browse my stories (Wink wink nudge nudge), and toss me a message if you wish. I swear I'll reply to it! Someday!

Like many other users here, I'm a fanfic writer. Not the best, but (hopefully) not the worse. Not native to english, but I do my best.

Many of my stories are in need of a rewrite, and many more are in need of getting propperly written and released. I'm a lazy writer.

With that said, I wish you a good day/afternoon/night/lunar cycle.

PS - Berry Punch is best horse.

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Well hey, you happen to be talking with their owner. And I'm glad to hear that their memory hasn't passed away! :yay:


oh just curious since i used to RP with her on a certain website and since it went away now i was just seeking out her owner to let them know she has now become a permanent part of my OCverse

One year later.

Well yes. It sparks to my memory the existance of a certain Thestral. Why do you ask? :duck:

hey does the name black rose mean anything to you by chance?


Senpai noticed artwork.
Senpai approves.
Senpai offers licks to the face.

  • Viewing 812 - 816 of 816
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