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Time will tell if this account ever becomes something more again. For now it is merely a corpse of a life that never existed

I drowned in some rich-guy tea or something:moustache:

This was an alternate account. Meant to have some fun... didn't happen. Too much work (cuz I has real-life stuff). Been writtin' over on my real account for a while. Ya know HeartTortoisePigeonDog? I'm just one less passer-by...

Tomorrow I too - this feeling and thinking soul, the universe I am to myself - yes, tomorrow I too will be someone who no longer walks the streets, someone others will evoke with a vague: 'I wonder what's become of him?' And everything I do, everything I feel, everything I experience, will be just one less passer-by on the daily streets of some city or other.

Here lies a dead account

  • Viewing 129 - 133 of 133
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