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I am the master of overkill and Sci Fi. That's why the cool kids call me Dr. Overkill P.H.D.


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How to make a GOOD Mary Sue · 1:23am Feb 4th, 2017

A Mary Sue is an idealized and seemingly perfect fictional character, a young or low-rank person who saves the day through unrealistic abilities, sometimes with the intent to inspire young or marginalized people and show them that even they can have as great of a potential as leading characters. Often this character is recognized as an author insert or wish-fulfillment.[1] Sometimes the name is reserved only for women, and male Sues are called "Larry Stus," "Gary Stus," or "Marty Stus"; but

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Declassified Imperial Mission Files

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It’s suppose to be a representation of the main character of my story. It currently exists in a drastically outdated form on this site. AstrA is no longer a simple fan fic but a full fledged story capable of outshining Star Wars...or so I’ve been told. I wouldn’t dare go that far myself.

As for drama, why simply avoiding problems won’t make them go away. But never seek them out, so I see your point.

I wanna give others a drama-free space and your pfp looks nice.

It’s been a long time sense I’ve been on this site, truly it’s good to be back. But I must ask, why did you invite me in the first place?

  • Viewing 412 - 416 of 416
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