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Next chapter. · 12:27am August 17th

Next Terracana chapter is over 2000 words and still going.

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Thanks for the support. And to think I was terrible in my English class during secondary school. And my first story TES: DBOE was a riddled mess of spelling mistakes and grammar problems. Just goes to show that writing for fun can be a better teacher than a school's program. xD

i've almost read every story you wrote and got to say you got talent writing a good solid story and don't give into the haters of the HIE and displaced stories i say if you can make a well made story go for more and expand the worlds you make those that hate a story can go some where else and shut up cause there view on a well mad story is useless cause it's only there to put a good writer down so keep these worlds alive and awesome

Taelonso Grim is always watching

Currently focusing on Terracana at the moment.

Not to be pushy or anything but when are you going to write more elder scrolls.

The vote has long since come and gone, Terracana won the vote.

  • Viewing 180 - 184 of 184
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