SPOILER!: This contains lore and what the Warframes really are. If you haven't played the Second Dream quest and don't want to be spoilt, do not read until you complete it.

My name is Karn, it's been over one-thousand years since I became a Tenno.

I've faced all sorts of horrors and challenges.
The grineer, a race of clones, seeking out others to stabilize their own DNA and hating anything or anyone not like them.
The corpus, a conglomeration of commercial and industrial interests, they acquire Orokin technologies and warframes to trade and sell using any means necessary.
The Infested, an ancient plague created by the Orokin to combat the 'Sentients' but has spread throughout the system.

Me and the new Tenno Greavus who uses the new Nekros warframe were sent to assassinate a grineer general, but Greavus struck a deal with the grineer and left me within the ship while the grineer tried to take my warframe for experimenting. Long story short, they failed.

I barely managed to escape to the void in an attempt to take down Greavus, but my Orbiter and Liset are damaged during flight.

My Orbiter exits the void right above a bright planet. With its engines down, the ship crashes right into a city on a mountain during an invasion.

I arm myself and leave the Orbiter, but for the first time in centuries, I'm not prepared for what greeted me... Small colourful equines.

Warframe/MLP crossover, image is my rhino warframe and the one used in the story.

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I think I liked the other version better, but who knows this is the first chapter.

6883285 I wanted to stay true to the lore, but that was crushed when the Second dream came out. SPOILER: but I now have an idea for the ponies to use humanoid Warframes instead of the whole injection process and getting encased in an Warframe. (This would mean Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy get to keep their wing's feathers.)

6883302 I think I liked your first version better. The Second Dream was cool and all but a man in a suit just seems better to me, that's probably the reason I'm sticking to the man in suit idea.

6883377 Ah well, this also allows me to have Karn use other Warframes for different situations. I might even keep him the only Tenno on Equestria until the others arrive later and not involve the Ponies... Na, more fun having the main six as Tenno, I can use the excuse that this is a millennia after the events of The Second Dream and a serum has been developed to make others Tenno without the whole void thing the children (The player) went through, but they lack the whole astral projection of themselves thing.

This also means if the Warframes get heavily damaged or destroyed, they can be replaced or repaired as well.

6883488 That's a cool idea you got there. I really liked it when the mane six became Tenno, and I really wish I could have seen what the second part of the hive assault was going to entail... I guess ill check it out when it comes out. But as cool as the Second Dream was I still prefer people in suits, but this isn't my story so its not my call! :pinkiecrazy:

6883545 The hive assault will still happen, just a bit differently.


I agree I like people in suits better.

6883590 Hmmm, well I do kinda like the Idea of the Player remotely controlling the Warframes, opens up many new things for me to use.

And I want to stay as close to the lore as I can.


You could can have it were you are in a suit with some suits the an A.I can control.

It seems like all my favorite story's are being rewritten

6883720 Blame the game for that curve ball they threw at us. I take it other Warframe fics are changing to adapt to the new lore?

6883743 no not all warframe fics are changing I was talking about all my favorite fics in general

6883755 Ah, I hope the rewrite still interests you.

6883766 yes it does and it seems a little better if you ask me

6883800 Thanks. SPOILER: I plan to have the ponies still take the injections but they'll be able to control their own humanoid Warframes. Will be fun watching them try to learn how to stand upright. :rainbowlaugh:

This is better but what the new lore for the warframe .

6883766 You forgot to have him re-connect to his warframe after returning to canterlot

6883864 He did that, he shook their hooves sat back down and reconnected.


I can use the excuse that this is a millennia after the events of The Second Dream and a serum has been developed to make others Tenno without the whole void thing the children (The player) went through

IMO you don't even have to go that far. Simply make magic = void energy.

Children of Zariman became the Tenno because they were energized with the Void and couldn't deal with it, so they were given bodies (via Transference) that could withstand it. Ponies are simply born with that energy within them, so they don't need Warframes as proxies for they power. They can use them with proper equipment (Transference Chamber), though.


This is better but what the new lore for the warframe .

Have you finished the Natah quest? If so, The Second Dream quest should be unlocked for you. Finish it and you'll know.

6883890 Hmmm. Could, but I still intend to use the serum for when Rainbow and Fluttershy get infected by the technocyte virus.

I'm keeping my old plot line just updated with the new lore.


Well, the existence of the Serum is perfectly plausible. I mean, we've cured Alad V, right? Just not as means of making them into Tenno, IMO.

6883930 It's altered, Plus this is now set a millennia after The Second Dream.

already enjoying reading this all over again! Should be interesting to see how all the ponies handle Transferance

well i hate the new warframe lore but lets see were this goes

Wait til you scorn Blueblood xD

I was willing to give the new version a shot, but you're switching POV way too many times in a single chapter. If the content a POV provides is less than three solid paragraphs, it probably shouldn't be switched to.

Will Rainbow Dash (or any other pony) be beating anybody up (or at least be badass) in this story? Will she be reaching Unstoppable Rage levels of anger? Will she be giving out any No Holds Barred Beatdowns?

6885822 She has her moments with her own Warframe, same with the other Tenno Ponies.

6885724 It's due to the fact they can't understand each other and it's showing their individual thoughts as well.

Yes, I finally caught up! Awesome! :rainbowdetermined2:

Now the waiting game...

I don't mean to sound rude or offensive when I say this but...WHAT THE ACTUAL F**K HAPPENED TO ALL THE LATER CHAPTERS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?:twilightangry2::flutterrage:

Doing good on the rebuild here so far, Urimas. I've been noting the small details you've done. Each one very nicely done, and transferred over fro mthe old story to this new canon. It was fine before, but i'm still interested to see where it goes.

6889080 Rewriting to fit the new Second Dream lore.

6889122 Yeah, I plan to give the Pony Tenno the ability to use Karn's Warframes he's not using with their own transference pods. (Big Mac will be getting the Atlas Warframe. Big strong Earth Pony with a Earth based Warframe.)

6889165 THat is indeed cool, and how i was certain you would take it, what with the rest following closely to before. Still... pony-ized frames was an awesome idea, regardless. I liked in the old story, the touch of Dash being willing to give up the feathers to protect her friends, That was spot on to how i feel Rainbow dash is. She'd never leave her friends hanging.

not much of difference but the grammar and spelling is a bit better.

6889411 Yeah, fixing that as I go :P

Learnt a lot from my War Machine Editor.

Also story remains the same, I'm just adapting it to fit the Warframe Lore more.

Let me know if other Warframe fics use the Second Dream lore as well.

6889165 we demand more! also, if you don't mind, can you post a link to the old chapters either on a google doc or something? i would love to reread this so i can compare to the rewrite.

6890239 I think I have the TXT file saved on my laptop, I'll check it out later.

Congrats on getting to the featured box.

why is this on hiatus if this got a new chapter today?:unsuresweetie: mlp.bartstuff.eu/mlp-twut.png

6893547 I'm only converting the old chapters with the new lore atm.

6893475 Again? lol seems to happen when I post a new chapter for my stories... But only for a few minutes and it's gone again. :P

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