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This story is a sequel to The Elder Scrolls: The Dragonborn of Equestria

Farengar the Nord, having defeated many foes since arriving in his new home of Equestria, is tasked with aiding in the defence of the great Griffon kingdom, Gryphus.
Hardship and strife await the hero, but with the help of his newly acquired friends and allies he has a good chance of making it through. Hopefully in one piece.

Additional character tags:
Blueblood, Celestia
Will add others if they appear into the story.

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wow didnt expect dash to want to learn magic so much that she says

"Oh my Gosh, ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!"

anyways nice job cant wait for chapter 2

5113753 just imagine dash combining magic with her stunts, fire, lightning, ice trails and other stuff!

5114070 ok now it kinda makes sense its just i imagine she would hate the studying part (even if it is apparently easier then equestrian magic) i mainly think that from the episode "Testing Testing 1, 2, 3"

how come I cant read the story before this one it wont let me pls tell me why

5114422 what are you clicking? i can read it perfectly fine

so happy its out and my internet is working again!!!:pinkiehappy:

Wow. When a story summary has one error, I walk away and shake my head.

When it has two, I usually leave a comment and be on my way.

When it has this many... I become horrified that it made it onto the featured bar.

5142280 Then would you mind point said errors out so I can fix them?

1.) "Manticore"
2.) "Timberwolves"
3.) "Changelings"
4.) "Defense" is the more common spelling, but both work technically.
5.) Both paragraphs were fairly lengthy, what with them being only one sentence apiece. I would suggest breaking them up.

5142450 Thanks, and yes to me its Defence since I'm British :D

Don't capitalize "Many" and "Defence". It's unnecessary, (in fact incorrect) and it simply detracts from the summary. Here, I'll just type it out for you.

Farengar the Nord, having defeated many foes since arriving in his new home of Equestria, is tasked with aiding in the defence of the great Gryphon kingdom, Gryphus.

Hardship and strife await the hero, but with the help of his newly acquired friends and allies he has a good chance of making it through. Hopefully in one piece.

That might work better for you.

5142506 Sure thanks, also did my story really get featured? Is it the 10 stories in the grey top left area?

It was temporarily there, yes. It's been since booted out, but it was there.

5142514 Well I call that an accomplishment then since this is only my second story :)

I suppose. Mine was featured as well at one point, but unfortunately it's fairly easy to get there at this juncture. Not to insult your story, of course, just a fact.

Not very strong but also doesn't drain magicka at a fast fate

i wasnt really looking but thats the only error i saw :/
anyways good story

i must wonder what will the baby look like? what gender? what species? and after it is born what turn will this story take? the kids adventures? slice of life? farengar protecting it and luna? well anyway i will wait with bated breath

5184459 You'll just have to wait and see I have grand plans that will make the final battle beyond epic! :{P <- moustache!

5203074 I've been writing every week since april 13th i'm taking a small 1 week break.

5204987 ok thank for making this series it puts two of my favourite things together skyrim and mlp this is as good as past sins although completely different lol have a good break :-)

5205044 well I must say not bad then for my 1st ever story arc :D

5205277 yah I am writing my first fanfic it Is not very good at all but right now it is a rough draft but your story is amazing this really is your first fanfic wow you are awesome :trollestia: :yay: :pinkiehappy: :derpytongue2:

heh, Stephen King reference:yay:

5219914 is there? i know nothing about stephen king....


Heeeerrrreeee's DISCORD

here is a Stephen King movie clip called the shining

ah, Jack Nicholson, you never cease to freak us out with your psychotic mannerisms

5220228 oh that, never came to mind when i wrote that line lol.

im actually wondering what luna's baby would look like. would it be anthropomorphic or an abomination and cannot live due to its deformities?

Tell me what the baby looks like now plz k thx

5220868 I would think that I would be a pony who could change into a nord though magic that would make sence kind of like a changeling but less evil and with only two forms pony or nord

5246591 My sprite work takes priority I'm afraid, you'll just have to wait till I get time.

5255453 I'm a sprite artist, I make sprites for games.

5260172 Its 2D GFX like the old pokemon gameboy games or final fantasy 1 to 6

5260186 oh ok thank you :yay:. Great job on the story so far omg can't wait to see what the baby looks like what would make sense to me is a pony who can choose his form though magic like he can shape sift between his Nordic and his pony form that would make sense to me antro pony just sounds werid and he or she would probably get bullied a lot in school. :heart: your story brohoof

5260205 I've already planed out what the baby is and when it'll arrive, but as I said Sprite work is swamping me atm.

5260252 I want to know what it looks like but I also don't want to either brain y u no diside what u want :twilightangry2:

yeaaaaaaah new chapterrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Lucky me, just today remembered that you are making this sequel and find that it gets updated aswell^^ :yay:

love the chapter bro cannot wait to see what lulu has to say about the amulet :ajsmug::pinkiecrazy::raritywink::raritywink:

i don't normaly correct mistakes (actually i never do) buuuut

"I was trying to turn you into a pony again but seems like I cant now, how are you blocking my magic?"


he drops to the floor twtiching and you pull out your sword from the Griffon's head.


"Then I have no choice, send out a bounty on Razor Beak for fifty thousand bits alive, ten thousand dead, from what Princess Celestia has told me he has insulted not only Princess Luna but also you as well.2 he says looking to you,


"Its made from Dargon bones and thee Hammerhoof crafted it?" he says and you nod to him.

dragon and the

upon arrive Discord just looks confused


until Tia ans Lulu stopped me,


thats all i could find without looking but wow that was a lot (to me anyways)

5295792 Thanks but the 'Thee' part was intentional as in hes referring to the master smith.

i'll fix the others though.

5295807 i did kinda think you meant thee but i did include it just in case i was wrong oh well

Omg I cannot wait to see luna's expression when she sees farengar as a pony :rainbowlaugh::yay:


Not that bad ta be honest, juss gotta patch up the balloon and we're good ta go, though the damaged propeller will take some fixin." you watch as the crew takes out the balloon and start repairing the holes in it

Just not juss

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