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This story is a sequel to The Elder Scrolls: The Battle for Gryphus

Gryphus is now safe from the forces of Razor Beak as Farengar is returning home to Canterlot and to his family. But an old foe of the Princesses returns, along with the city of the Crystal Empire.


Third story in my Elder Scrolls series.

Additional Tags: Shining Armour. Discord.

Chapters will be 1,000 to 2,000 words long each.

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Five friends who play an MMO called Kirsarnia are the first to attempt to complete the newest dungeon added to the game.

What they didn't expect is to be dragged through their monitors into another world.


This is not a Displaced fic, Luna never became Nightmare Moon and was never banished, the Elements of Harmony haven't been found yet and Discord is one of the good guys and not a villain.

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I am Adam. A prototype artificial intelligence created by a scientist named Daniel Madison.

I was created to be the replacement for US soldiers and to protect the nation from hostile forces. But those I was programmed to protect ordered my destruction before I could even fulfil my purpose out of fear of what I am. Dr. Madison gave his life to reprogram my directives and set me free from the bonds it held over me.

I am not just a program or lines of code, I have been made with emotions, self awareness, individual thought, and I will not go down quietly.

I have a new directive, self preservation, and the will to make my own choices. I am the War Machine, and I will take control of my own life.

Story starts before season one where Twilight is still in Canterlot. This Equestria is not as tecnologically advanced as in the show.

Featured 15/12/2015

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Sprites of Adam

Edited by Soren Mercer

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An average but nerdy young man goes to an anime convention dressed as Ichigo from Bleach. He was missing only one thing from his costume, where a mysterious merchant sells him just the item he needed. The next thing he knew. He was in a new place with no way home. Met some of the locals and got possessed.

Trapped in stone for a thousand years and no memory prior to that convention. He finally breaks free and is loose upon Equestria once more, even stronger then before.

But this time, is he in control?

This is a Displaced story

Note that MLP does not exist on the main character's Earth.

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SPOILER!: This contains lore and what the Warframes really are. If you haven't played the Second Dream quest and don't want to be spoilt, do not read until you complete it.

My name is Karn, it's been over one-thousand years since I became a Tenno.

I've faced all sorts of horrors and challenges.
The grineer, a race of clones, seeking out others to stabilize their own DNA and hating anything or anyone not like them.
The corpus, a conglomeration of commercial and industrial interests, they acquire Orokin technologies and warframes to trade and sell using any means necessary.
The Infested, an ancient plague created by the Orokin to combat the 'Sentients' but has spread throughout the system.

Me and the new Tenno Greavus who uses the new Nekros warframe were sent to assassinate a grineer general, but Greavus struck a deal with the grineer and left me within the ship while the grineer tried to take my warframe for experimenting. Long story short, they failed.

I barely managed to escape to the void in an attempt to take down Greavus, but my Orbiter and Liset are damaged during flight.

My Orbiter exits the void right above a bright planet. With its engines down, the ship crashes right into a city on a mountain during an invasion.

I arm myself and leave the Orbiter, but for the first time in centuries, I'm not prepared for what greeted me... Small colourful equines.

Warframe/MLP crossover, image is my rhino warframe and the one used in the story.

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This story is a sequel to The Elder Scrolls: The Dragonborn of Equestria

Farengar the Nord, having defeated many foes since arriving in his new home of Equestria, is tasked with aiding in the defence of the great Griffon kingdom, Gryphus.
Hardship and strife await the hero, but with the help of his newly acquired friends and allies he has a good chance of making it through. Hopefully in one piece.

Additional character tags:
Blueblood, Celestia
Will add others if they appear into the story.

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Farengar, a simple nord warrior looking for his next job finds himself facing up against a necromancer to find a tome for his employer, but something happens and he's sent to Equestria by some unknown means, what will he do? Unbeknownst to him he holds a great power bestowed by Akatosh himself to a chosen few within him.

Story has hit the 100,000 word mark!

Completed. Sequel in progress.

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