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Yeah, I made a sequel · 5:26pm November 2nd

Remember when I made a short story about a magical talking cat with a book and how they almost drove some creatures in the School of Friendship nuts? Well, now we got a sequel

EThe Cat in the Crystal Empire
King Sombra comes to invade the Crystal Empire... only to find a talking cat playing with Flurry Heart. More shenanigans ensue
FrostTheWolf · 3.6k words  ·  33  0 · 354 views

Have fun with the shenanigans that Yuumi will go through this time around. Originally was meant to be released on halloween, but the cue took longer than expected. Hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

See you around

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Ah alright. I have been meaning to change it, but I've been busy so yeah :twilightblush:

Sorry. It's a joke about Pat from the Super Best Friends. His girlfriend accidentally showed his desktop during a stream a few nights ago and he was using your avatar as his wallpaper. And it's a common joke that he's a closet brony. So when I saw you I had to say something.

Uh, hi? Who's Pat?

No worries. You deserve it xP

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