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Loosely based off of Tatsurou's PWNY-Verse Fanfics, this is a place where you can post your stories that follow closely to Tat's own fics.

"What is a PWNY-Verse Fan Fic?"

A PWNY-Verse Fanfic is written by Tatsurou that, though individual, all lead up to Tat's own massive Fanfic called "My Little PWNY". Though each are different, the following goes as this:
1) A Pony or an MLP Character has a crossover into a different universe that is another, non MLP world, winding up as either a baby or a child.
2) The MLP Character vaguely holds memories of their original selves in Equestia, usually keeping their original personality at the beginning with some memories of the past, but are changed throughout the Fanfic.
3) Said changes are part of the universe they're in, taken in by their adopted father, mother, or ECT, usually changing their normal abilities and personality in different ways.
4) Said Fanfic is usually a retelling of another story, but the MLP character changes many things, usually major and/or minor. (There have been exceptions in doing something original with said crossover)
5) At the end, MLP character and adopter go back to Equestria, where changed MLP character affects Equestria in their own different way, for good or bad.

Now, we all know Tats as the person that started this, and many of us have ideas that we may want him to do, but he can't because he already has something planned for the MLP character, doesn't know the crossover suggestion, or has no plans for MLP character suggested. This is where you can post your very own Tats PWNY-Verse inspired Fanfic(s), following Tat's footsteps in crossovers and expressing your own creativity. The last two rules are exceptional, as you may have a more creative idea and/or don't want Equestria to be involved.

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This is a brilliant idea.

Comment posted by FrostTheWolf deleted Apr 17th, 2016

408565 *shrug* That's how the site does it.

408542 Maybe, but then there'd be another folder for Kids, Friends, and other Family members.

I would like to suggest a separate folder be added for the princesses and other royal ponies. Just make it easier to navigate if this group gets a lot of stories in the future.

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