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Tatsurou's PWNIES: Ya Don't Mess With 'Em.

If it's not written by Tatsurou, it goes in Inspiration Manifested.

If it's written by Tatsurou but not Canon to the PWNY-Verse, it belongs in the Mirror Pool.

Please use your best judgement for the rest.

If you're not sure which folder it goes in, or even if it belongs here, please ask.

List of Canon Stories Here and here.

If you want to suggest an idea the Rules (as compiled, along with a list of rejects, by AnoneMouseJr Here) are as follows:

World rules:

1. Tatsurou must be familiar with the world, or able to learn about it with minimal research.
2. There must be a suitable character to raise the PWNY (meaning a character who can "readily be characterized to be the parent unit with a predefined characterization".)
3. The source material must either have a completely undefined timeline, or a defined timeline covering at least a decade.
4. It must be a world Tatsurou enjoys.
4.5. He does not play “war simulator” games.
4.6 He does not like horror, and especially hates zombies.
5. The source material must not have already been used in something he's done (Including ALL his non-PWNY fics).

Character to be Displaced:

1. Has a strong connection to a main cast member.
2. Lives in Ponyville.
3. Has had characterized appearances (at least a speaking role) in multiple episodes (or movies). (The books and comics don't count for this rule due to his having no real means of accessing them, nor interest in dong so.)
4. I like them
5. I haven't used them before.
Characters must meet 4 and 5, and at least one of the other three, 2 preferred.

Please DO NOT Badger Tatsurou with any that are on the reject list.

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I’m not sure what pony would go best, maybe Silver Spoon?
But I think the Scooby Doo Universe would be awesome. There is an official timeline, relatively easy to find.

Could you do a lunar legend or golden sun story {twinkle shine or Rara}{Zecora or autumn Blaze}

I know I just joined, but I already have a request, okay? , sorry if I can not do one for a reason or another that I do not know
but here it goes

hey, do you know anyone who can adopt and continue this story? or restarts it?
as you can see in Chapter 12, the author put it to adoption
and the story is very good (I suggest you read and really good, this was put into adoption two days ago)
so if you know someone who thinks you can continue this story at good potential, or make a rebound,
or maybe yourself, do not hesitate to ask or try ok?
ah yes, do not forget to communicate to the author horiginal, in case you are adopting it ok?


Hey I am on a transformers kick right now and I was wondering if anyone was willing to to a fix with transformers in it?

I adore this series!!!:twilightsmile: And I use to many exclamation points!!!:pinkiecrazy:

My dad used to post on a now-defunct forum as Anon e Mouse. I briefly posted there as Anon e Mouse Jr., and kept the name for pretty much everything else I've done since then.

Until next time...
Anon e Mouse Jr.

He also says "Characters must meet 4 (I like them) and 5 (I haven't used them before), and at least one of the other three, 2 preferred." Living in Ponyville isn't a set-in-stone requirement, it's just preferred. She does meet two of the other requirements - appearing more than once, and having a strong connection to a main character (Rarity), so she qualifies.

Until next time...
Anon e Mouse Jr.

Hey, Tatsurou, just wanted to point out that your "lives in ponyville" rule has been broken by yourself in Dressed to Steal. She lives in Manehattan. (Google knows Manehattan!!!!!)

Has anyone done Celestia in Hyrule during the events of Zelda: Twilight Princess? Preferably with Link as the dad

If not, then there's a story idea for someone who knows how to write a good story

I admit that i have a few story ideas running around my head heavily inspired by these stories.

But they don't follow the rules, and I frankly don't care that they don't, so they won't end up here.

This is a brilliant idea.

Twilight Sparkle working with the protagonist of Persona 5: Has it been done? Because I want to do it.

Nah, as far as I can tell, if you want to write for a character, go ahead - there are Equestrian characters with multiple stories each in the "Inspiration Manifested" folder, after all. (My recommendation is just not to try the exact same combinations that Tatsurou already did.)

Until next time...
Anon e Mouse Jr.

Is there a list of characters people have already called dibs on?

I've just thought of a slightly crack-y ship. Spike Aran-Sparkle and Deviljack from DLAS. They're surprisingly similar on a number of levels.

"The Merc with a Moth" brought me in... and I guess so did "Nopony I'd Rather Be" got me to learn about the PWNY verse stories, but I learned of it from "Melody of the Future" time frame; after reading all of "Batmare Beyond" I decided to give "Fortress Shy: the Nine Fathers" a try... thus looking then finding a blog post about the PWNY verse. I saw the TV Tropes pages and... just wow.

btw I have not read Pinkie's "Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter" story, but I noticed her character making quick cameos. The Chrysalis Wilson and Pinkie fight and the Hologram shenanigans with Dr. Vinyl Wily and Dr. Light.

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