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Editor for Hire. If you need a story to be helped or checked, I'm your man.

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Hello! I am looking for proofreader for chapter first of my new story - Sire`s Hollow Orphan - It is story about young orphan - Sunset Shimmer - getting dragged into murder commited by corrupt headmare and being on the run trying to contact Princess to uncover headmare crimes.

English is not my native language so of course i will be thankful for insight into grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. But generaly i want help with story/plot/characters side of things. I also saw on database that you do know how to make prose shine so yeah i could use help with that, i amrather new to writing. If you are interested please reply or PM me.

I sent a pm if your ienterested in writing. I'd be happy to make a Colababortion with you.

Hey, I know its a bit cliche to stop by profiles and thank people for favs, but I do it anyway!

If it weren't for those intermittent fav notifications, we wouldnt keep writing.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy it! :heart:

No problem

Not a problem man

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