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Hey y'all. I'm a christian brony born in 1996, I just love making stories. Picture of my oc done by a really good friend of mine.

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A sliver · 3:42am January 7th

Why do people I met offended at stereotypes?

Stereotypes are offensive yes, but why do some people get too easily offended by them?

I think it's because there's a sliver of truth to all of them.

Now you're welcome to disagree, but that's how I see it.

Just like there's always a sliver of truth to fairy tales I think there's a sliver of truth to stereotypes.

Truth is stranger than fiction

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Thanks for following me! ;D


And I'm not interested in renting a fanfic. Sorry

Keep up the good I have check out yor work and I'm a fanfic critic and are you interested in renting this fanfics 1 eran and mikasa in ponyville 2 twilight visit in Iceland

  • Viewing 83 - 87 of 87
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