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I'm a Christian brony born in 10/19/1996, profile pic done by a friend of mine. I may write M rated stories I take commissions $10 for first chapter and $5 for additional chapters

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Velma · 3:11am January 18th

So...............I watched the new Velma show to see if it was as bad as everyone says. Was it? Wellllllllllllll.

I honestly didn't hate it as much as I thought I would, yeah the character is a complete 180 from their past selves, but it was somehow enjoyable.

Some things feel forced but it doesn't seem to be using any points either.

The character of Fred as a spoiled rich kid I do believe can work, but only if he isn't in arrested development.

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Thanks for adding my story! Hope you enjoy reading it and post comments on what you in each chapter.

Ah. Well I just have my own relationship with God and Christ. I know it may sound like cherry-picking, but that's how I look at it.

say your christian and struggle not to write naughty fanfiction

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