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If you want a Review, check on the Reviewers threads and check if one is up to your kind of story and if you like their kind of reviews too.

If you found one, and like their way of work, place your story in their request review folder, then you may get a review if it gets accepted.

Also read the RULES! for requesting a review!


Reminder; We are always looking for new reviewers, simply message Azure Drache and he will see if you are right for the group.


If you dont feel like wading through pages upon pages of reviews to find the review or reviewer you are looking for, a Master Review Document has recently been created that contains links to all the reviews and organizes them by the reviewer. (Updated every Monday)


Drache Schatten: As a quick thing, please only add stories to the review folder if they are your own stories. Some people might not want to have their stories reviewed by us, or at all. It also saves us time (at least me) as I don't need to contact the author and get their go ahead on reviewing their stuff.
Thank you.

Additionally, don't ever be too afraid to place your story in the general review folder. I want to make it a goal to have this group review all of the stories that we receive.


Now with Discord:

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Just message Azure to sign up for the slots they'll tell you everything you'll need to know.

Ah. I have two more questions then.

Do you have a required rubric?
Where can I sign up?

It depends on the reviewer, mostly. I lean more to the feedback side of things, while others like Nailah give more traditional "review"-y types of reviews.

We review both. There is no pass or fail system, it's ether the reviewer reviews it or not.

Do you do reviews for potential readers or reviews for authors? and do you run a pass fail system for the stories you host?

Hey I still check here every now and then.

Hmmm, on second glance, that is a rather silly mistake on my part. Still though, thank you for the advice!

Nearly noone looks here:applejackunsure: Dude it is the frontpage of the group, no one gets a notificaqtion about your post, make a thread in the forum instead:derpytongue2:

And welcome to the group:twilightsmile:

Thank you for allowing me to join this group, and I hope that I'll receive a review for my story, My Little Pony: The Pyres of Friendship

Hey the snuggle dragon is there! Welcome:twilightsmile:

Oh a review group I haven't seen before!

Alright, it's not done yet, but I've added my story...
swallows nervously
Hopefully this goes okay.

Review of that story is out:twistnerd:

Good to know. I know some reviewers won't touch things that aren't complete. Still going to wait a few, just so I have enough there to give you (or any of the other reviewers) something interesting to read. Thanks for replying!

You can ask for a review whenever. I have personally reviewed several stories that were incomplete. By getting a review in the middle of writing you can correct issues that someone else finds, while waiting to the end will only really help you on future works unless you chose to go back and do a rewrite.

Joining so I remember this place later. I mean, my story isn't done yet, so there's little point asking for a review. Maybe in a few more chapters. Or maybe I should wait till I'm done? We'll see. Anyways, glad to see this is a thing!


It's okay:facehoof:. You got there first and you deserve to finish it:ajsmug:. I'm not that needy:raritywink:.

  • Viewing 26 - 45 of 45
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