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Welcome! We’re a group dedicated to providing reviews and feedback (duh) to authors on this site! Looking for an in-depth critique of your story? We’re exactly the group for you!

If you’re new to this group, check out the rules for requesting reviews (Requesting Reviews) and each reviewer’s preferences (Who Reads What?). These two threads will give you all the information you need to get a review from a member of our team!

If you’re looking to join up on our reviewer team, great! Send a message to Azure Drache — he’ll give you further instructions from there. We’re always happy to have new members, so don’t hesitate to join us! :twilightsmile:
Also you can read the thread with all details about it

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Hello folks

Comment posted by Flora Blossom deleted May 8th, 2022

DO I pu the storys inthe folder for someone to see them or do i message the mod I want to do it?


Tbh, I would have put it in your folder but I read your preferences and my story is not your thing, lol

Hey there! Good you got a nice review already:twilightsmile: Sure, you can resubmit your story for a second one.

Posting this in the forum or on our Discord would be better though, since nearly no one looks here on the groups frontpage comment section. We don't get notifications via Fimfiction for this area :raritywink:

Well, Flora gave me a great review, but I always love second opinions. May as well stick it in another folder.

Well Jnß has left the team of reviewers. So no worry about them anymore.

Yes, his tone got a bit concerning so he decided it would be good to leave. And the rest of the team likes me to point out, let em quote:

We do not condone the usage of a disparaging style of writing reviews

I'm personally sorry to you and anyone who have felt unfairly critiqued by him or that he has critiqued someone unfairly. As someone who has worked with this team during the first golden age when this place started growing. I wish that within the future this feeling doesn't happen again with other members of team.

I'm not going to lie, I do find the recent review by jnzsblzs to be a bit concerning. :fluttershysad:

Hello I'm new here... well, I mean I just join this group I been on fim fiction for a while like since 2016... Wonder if I have what it takes to be a reviewer since it seems they need more...

Thanks for your praise, and your welcome:twilightsmile:

Can I just say thank GOD there is still one review site on fimfiction that is actually currently active? The single other one I've found, PaulAsaran's, is booked up (no pun intended) for literally a year.

You do us all a great service.

Well, this place has grown quite a lot.

How do I get my own reviewer folder?

I'd pick it up myself, but my queue is pretty full at the moment. Best of luck!

Yes, due to his lack of reviews, I removed all stories from his income folder. Sorry your story was one of them, the general folder should be fine, the limit there is 12 weeks till it gets moved.

  • Viewing 54 - 73 of 73