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So if you want a Review, read the threads what you can put in the group and what you can expect, also the work mechanism should be worth a look.


Just be a side projekt of mine for the time beeing, since I have some freetime and want to do stuff besides writing or playing games.

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when do you plan to write it on?

And I don't get a notification if you post here, better make a thread or a PM next time:derpytongue2:

Is it okay if I add a horror story, Under the Bed, here even if it's Incomplete or On Haitus? I'm sure you're not interested in the last story, and I was wondering if you're interested in this story.

Oh, right! Well, you will see some of Tillie's older work (not by a lot, maybe a year ago) featured in the first three chapters of Pinkie's etc...

Now that her comic is proceeding in this particular arc, I might put a little more in, if it fits well for chapters four and five...

Thanks for the follow:pinkiehappy:

Mhh, maybe you puplished art in Art for Fanfiction or so? I remeber the pictures from your blog, I will look that up:derpytongue2:


That was bothering me too! I lurk on my daughter's deviant art account sometimes (Tillie-TMB) and I have interacted in a few areas around here. When I saw your icon, I was like - Do I follow this person? Do they follow me? Huh, nope. Guess I can rectify that, though.

Where did I know you from? I know your profile page but when did we run into each other before:unsuresweetie: Can you remind me please?

No worries, Azure. I look forward to it when you get there!

Welcome to the group:twilightsmile:

I gave it a look, seems to fullfill the requirements and I will read it, though, there are still two stories in the reading folder and it may take a bit:raritywink:

This sounds fun, A.D. I put my Pinkie's Apiecalypse story here, as it's the first (and only) I've completed. It is actually a side arc of the main on my page, but serves well as a stand-alone slice of life comedy.

That being said, I'm not really comfortable writing comedy, so I was challenging myself a bit. I finished it because, well, the material was ready to go, and the main fic will be (and is) quite a bit loooonger. So, still working on it.

But yes! Thank you for giving my story a look and a review. I am always very happy to receive feedback and critiques! Fire away!

No problem.:twilightsmile:

One thing is important however, read the submission rules:ajbemused: I had to remove your story from the folder for beeing mature and I also noticed it is a crossover which I market for stuff I don't review.

This is not a rating for your story, don't worry, it can be good or not, but this is not the place for such a story.

There are other groups for mature stories or even crossovers, there is a link in one of the threads to another reviewer group, maybe they like it:twilightsmile:

Oh I see, it looked eerily similar to her, which is why I asked:twilightblush:.

Thats not Applefritter:unsuresweetie:

That is Burning Snowflake, one of my Oc's. The artist simple never finished the picture, for example the wings are missing.:derpytongue2:

I like Applefritter though.:twilightsmile:

Sure thing:pinkiesmile:. By the way, I see that your profile as a picture of Apple Fritter on it.I take it your a fan of her:ajsmug:?

There is a reason I don't judge lower than 5/10:raritywink: You don't get a harsh review here normally.

Just make sure your story fullfill the requirements for tags and such:twilightsmile:

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really up for recieving feedback from people on my story, mainly because I was a afraid that people may end up hating it:fluttershysad:. Now though, I’m willing to hear what people have to long as it doesn’t come off as too harsh or or early critical, and helpful instead:raritywink:.

Well, when I saw that threat from The Shameless Self-Promotion Bureau, I find it interesting and I joined it here. I don't mind this.

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