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The Apparition Amphitheater

---Newest Entry---

TApparition Amphitheater Presents: Bad Dreams
An archeologist's calling is to uncover the truth of the past and exhume the secrets protected. However, one should always tread softly on the forgotten, for some secrets best remained hidden.
Nightmare_0mega · 5.8k words · 48 views

---Previous Years---

TApparition Amphitheater Presents: Misery Tree
Urban legends and campfire stories. Fun past-times for little fillies and colts. But some stories should be heeded as warnings, lest you wind up finding them when wandering the woods.
Nightmare_0mega · 8.2k words  ·  18  0 · 511 views
TApparition Amphitheater Presents: Forsaken Fashion Dolls
Rarity's ruined ponnequins due to the antics of her sister and her friends forces the fashionista to go pick up a new set for her shop. She finds quite a bargain, but with an attached, cryptic warning, what was the real cost?
Nightmare_0mega · 7.6k words  ·  14  0 · 288 views
TApparition Amphitheater Presents: Haunted Town
Birds sing, sun shines, and wind whistles at the quaint little sleepy town of Ponyville at the center of Equestria. When a farmpony wakes up for an early day of the harvest, she finds it's much quieter than normal. Ooh, now who woke up the dead?
Nightmare_0mega · 7.1k words · 161 views
TApparition Amphitheater Presents: The Night of the Loving Dead
Love poisons do more than bewitch the burning heart... they ignight long dead flames.
Nightmare_0mega · 9.5k words  ·  13  1 · 469 views
TApparition Amphitheater Presents: Horrifiction
Unofficial Sequel to "A Rocket to Insanity". When Pinkie wakes up in a cold sweat after a nightmare, she has to confront her friend, or lose more than just her sleep.
Nightmare_0mega · 3.5k words · 485 views
TApparition Amphitheater Presents: Mr. Killjoy
All parties must come to an end, sooner or later. By invitation, or by crashing the gathering, he'll make sure it happens by the end of the night.
Nightmare_0mega · 6.8k words · 120 views

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You're welcome. I have no clue on how active I'll be, though.

I don’t know how your reply didn’t show up in my notifications. Oh well.

You’re very welcome.

Thank you for following my tales. I am quite glad that you enjoy them.

that's excellent to hear, man

That actually sounds pretty cool. I hope it's successful, dude.

Maybe having a good friend nearby might help ease your mind a bit?

Well, merry christmas to you too, dude (as belated as it was), but yeah, Christmas for me this year was rather placid. Nothing special. Just a nice night for the most part, made better with my wife next to me.

As for new years, not really. Probably gonna write, watch movies, and just enjoy the night.

Late reply, but thanks for the well wishing.

Also, sounds interesting, though be careful... there are a few "Beauty and the Beast" type stories featuring Rarity and Spike. Hell, there's one where it pretty much treads the same plot, though mostly set up by a third party to teach Rarity the value of one's worth through character, and teach Spike the value of patience and understanding (and not giving up, to boot). It also does it's damnedest to make Blueblood look like a total chump and idiot as humorously as possible (he's basically Gaston, but so horrendously incompetent, he's hardly a threat...)

Thanks so much for following me. :pinkiehappy:I have yet to write any stories due to writing two others on Fanfiction.net I promised. I will write some this coming year, however. I'm thinking of writing a "Beauty and the Beast" Sparity story :moustache: :raritystarry:. Hope you're having a good Christmas and a happy New Year.

which is why you have to always be willing to give the benefit of the doubt, and go in with either a neutral expectation (no strong feelings or preconceived notions either positive or negative), a light amount of optimism, or slight skepticism (and only if you are looking to be pleasantly surprised).

going in, thinking someone is going to let you down or betray you is only going to breed paranoia and trust issues, especially if you make it constant.

  • Viewing 88 - 97 of 97
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