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Happy Hearth's Warming and Merry Christmas! · 6:08pm Dec 24th, 2019

What a perfect day for a final blog of the year, with a bunch of things to say to boot. Let’s start with some “thank yous”.

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The Apparition Amphitheater

---Newest Entry---

TApparition Amphitheater Presents: Haunted Town
Birds sing, sun shines, and wind whistles at the quaint little sleepy town of Ponyville at the center of Equestria. When a farmpony wakes up for an early day of the harvest, she finds it's much quieter than normal. Ooh, now who woke up the dead?
Nightmare_0mega · 7.1k words · 95 views

---Previous Years---

TApparition Amphitheater Presents: Misery Tree
Urban legends and campfire stories. Fun past-times for little fillies and colts. But some stories should be heeded as warnings, lest you wind up finding them when wandering the woods.
Nightmare_0mega · 8.2k words  ·  18  0 · 428 views
TApparition Amphitheater Presents: Forsaken Fashion Dolls
Rarity's ruined ponnequins due to the antics of her sister and her friends forces the fashionista to go pick up a new set for her shop. She finds quite a bargain, but with an attached, cryptic warning, what was the real cost?
Nightmare_0mega · 7.6k words  ·  12  0 · 244 views
TApparition Amphitheater Presents: The Night of the Loving Dead
Love poisons do more than bewitch the burning heart... they ignight long dead flames.
Nightmare_0mega · 9.5k words  ·  11  1 · 430 views
TApparition Amphitheater Presents: Horrifiction
Unofficial Sequel to "A Rocket to Insanity". When Pinkie wakes up in a cold sweat after a nightmare, she has to confront her friend, or lose more than just her sleep.
Nightmare_0mega · 3.5k words · 409 views
TApparition Amphitheater Presents: Mr. Killjoy
All parties must come to an end, sooner or later. By invitation, or by crashing the gathering, he'll make sure it happens by the end of the night.
Nightmare_0mega · 6.8k words · 93 views

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I don’t know how your reply didn’t show up in my notifications. Oh well.

You’re very welcome.

Thank you for following my tales. I am quite glad that you enjoy them.

that's excellent to hear, man

That actually sounds pretty cool. I hope it's successful, dude.

Maybe having a good friend nearby might help ease your mind a bit?

Well, merry christmas to you too, dude (as belated as it was), but yeah, Christmas for me this year was rather placid. Nothing special. Just a nice night for the most part, made better with my wife next to me.

As for new years, not really. Probably gonna write, watch movies, and just enjoy the night.

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