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TApparition Amphitheater Presents: Misery Tree
Urban legends and campfire stories. Fun past-times for little fillies and colts. But some stories should be heeded as warnings, lest you wind up finding them when wandering the woods.
Nightmare_0mega · 8.1k words  ·  26  0 · 694 views
TApparition Amphitheater Presents: Forsaken Fashion Dolls
Rarity's ruined ponnequins due to the antics of her sister and her friends forces the fashionista to go pick up a new set for her shop. She finds quite a bargain, but with an attached, cryptic warning, what was the real cost?
Nightmare_0mega · 7.6k words  ·  20  1 · 504 views
TApparition Amphitheater Presents: Haunted Town
Birds sing, sun shines, and wind whistles at the quaint little sleepy town of Ponyville at the center of Equestria. When a farmpony wakes up for an early day of the harvest, she finds it's much quieter than normal. Ooh, now who woke up the dead?
Nightmare_0mega · 7.1k words  ·  12  0 · 364 views
TApparition Amphitheater Presents: The Night of the Loving Dead
Love poisons do more than bewitch the burning heart... they ignight long dead flames.
Nightmare_0mega · 9.5k words  ·  15  1 · 650 views
TApparition Amphitheater Presents: A Strange Presence Near the Woods
A curious and bitter winter had descended upon the town of Ponyville this year. Strange lights in the sky, disappearances near the woods, the feeling of being watched among the trees. It all makes one ask in fear "Who goes there?"
Nightmare_0mega · 9.4k words · 300 views
TApparition Amphitheater Presents: Horrifiction
Unofficial Sequel to "A Rocket to Insanity". When Pinkie wakes up in a cold sweat after a nightmare, she has to confront her friend, or lose more than just her sleep.
Nightmare_0mega · 3.5k words · 740 views
TApparition Amphitheater Presents: Bad Dreams
An archeologist's calling is to uncover the truth of the past and exhume the secrets protected. However, one should always tread softly on the forgotten, for some secrets best remained hidden.
Nightmare_0mega · 5.8k words · 169 views
TApparition Amphitheater Presents: My Heaven is Your Hell
Free me from my life eternal. There's no blessing in this curse. Night by night is so infernal and yet it's getting worse!
Nightmare_0mega · 9.2k words · 102 views
TApparition Amphitheater Presents: Mr. Killjoy
All parties must come to an end, sooner or later. By invitation, or by crashing the gathering, he'll make sure it happens by the end of the night.
Nightmare_0mega · 6.8k words · 262 views

My Pride and Joy


Fandoms, and the Power to Make Fiction Emotionally Real · 8:37pm May 19th

This is going to be a very different blog post than I normally would do, but considering I really don't have much in terms of actual updates, I opted to instead get this off my chest.

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Thank you kindly!

Elements Change the Dark Hearts. Specifically "Part 5: Loyalty Opens the Closed Heart".

Pardon me for being a bit lazy, but which story of yours is it that has Lightning Dust confronting her flaws?

That'd be a good idea. Be sure to include as much detail about your issue with the reader on the site as possible.

Yes, thanks, maybe we should tell an admin about this problem

It's a shame, but that's fair. Kinda sucks the reader you have does that, though. I use the onsite reader to help me with minor editing myself, and it's never stopped completely after only one paragraph. But, maybe it's just me.

Anyway, you have a good day then.

Sorry but I cannot read your stories because I usually use the reader on the story for the computer voice to read the story to me, usually when there is a full stop after a sentence it will not read it, it will just stop reading the paragraph to me.

The reason I need the computer voice to read to me it's not because I'm lazy it's because I can understand words better when they are spoken to me rather than me having to read them! I hope you understand

You're welcome. I have no clue on how active I'll be, though.

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R.I.P. to that girl you called a slut today in class. She committed suicide, and she was a virgin. The pregnant girl walking down the hall, she was raped. The boy you called lame. He has to work every night to support his family. That person you pushed down the other day, is already being abused at home. The one you called fat. She's starving herself. The old man you made fun of because of his ugly scars. He fought for our country. The boy you made fun of for crying. His mother is dying. You think you know them. Guess what, you don't. RE-POST if you are against bullying.