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In this group, you can any story you want, except clop, to the story list. The purpose to it is to better my reading and reviewing skills. Each story will be analyzed to the best of my abilities which will of course improve with every story. These will take extended amounts of time for me to do, but having your stories posted properly in each folder will allow me over time to properly dissect and understand each story.

No rules, except the rule of self promotion and any other rules listed below. No self promotion. Oh and no posting in the threads please. The forums is to be used for me as a collection of reviews I have done. Any questions, pm me about it. You may comment.

Also, no Clop in this group at all. I have another group for that. The link will be placed here in due time. Do not add stories to incorrect folders.

If on a record with consistent number of strikes I find a user submitting a story incorrectly, they will banned from the group. I do not have time for people constantly/purposely making mistakes.

Besides that, help me fill this group with every story possible! There are no requirements for adding a story to each folder.

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Comment posted by Nightmare_0mega deleted Nov 25th, 2016
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