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Annnndddd I'm alive! · 3:20am Aug 1st, 2014

Sorry I haven't really been active, everyone. This annoying pop-up called life strolled in and mugged me of my free time. I haven't had the chance to watch all of season four. That's how busy I've been.

I know that's a pretty weak excuse, but for now, Ghostie's back and she is very, very sorry for any inconvenience her absence caused.

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958889 IIIIIII have now had a license for a year. Still prefer the provisional license. Prov's are green and full license's are pink

I know, right?! Unfortunately, I failed the test for a permit again and can't drive it. But I've been able to coast down my driveway, so it's something.

957664 1965 Mustang... a car? FUCKING AWESOME

Umh, let's see...I've joined the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared and Night Vale fandom, I got a 1965 Mustang for my birthday, and...that's all I've got right now.

957280 that all? i kinda want to get one of our lovely long chats going

  • Viewing 73 - 77 of 77
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