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Hello everypony this is Evening Storm. I am the admin here so i have just a few things to say.

This group is open for everyone.there are few rules basicly no bashing others or thier stories. Rules will be added as i see fit.

Now this group is to show off your own or somone elses best stories.Have fun with it and hopefully we see some amazing stories from amazing authors.

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372831 so sorry. i actually forgot this group even existed. i was planning on tossing it anyway... but still welcome:twilightsmile:

295685 Where the fuck is my welcome? Have I been forgotten, how very cruel of you!

Sorry I am behind but i would like to welcome spytim CluelessFilly and Wormtail96 to the group. I hope you all enjoy it:twilightsmile:

294175 Cool. I'm in the middle of writing, but I'll take a look at it!

293018 well my story is up now

I would like to welcome Valorousspectre to the group. Hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions just ask:twilightsmile:

Ide like to welcome hunterz263 to the group. I hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions feel free to ask:twilightsmile:

Hey there everypony anyone seeing this reply if your here from the hatred that others seem to get off by giving:flutterrage::flutterrage:
if not reply anyway if you cant stand any hatred youve seen:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

293104 that is compleatly ok this group is here to recognize all great fics wether they are well known or not:twilightsmile:

Hello! This is a pretty small group, but I love the idea. It's possible I missed a similar group with more members, but I found this one through Cranberry Muffin's biography, so I'll go with this one! :pinkiesmile:

The Black Company in Equestria springs first to mind. I recommend it so highly because even though I've never read The Black Company and am not normally a fan of crossovers, I am compelled by the style of and storyline of this one.

I have plenty of others I might add, but most of them have a relatively high amount of exposure already.

i would like to welcome Bronetheus to the group.:twilightsmile: i hope you enjoy it. if you have any questions feel free to ask.:twilightsmile:

293027 congrats to Cranberry Muffin on the promotion:pinkiehappy:

I would like to welcome ClarinetOverlord to the group. if you have any questions feel free to ask:twilightsmile:

293027 you may also want to read previous comments to get a feel of how i work


No bashing is definitely a rule I can get behind, especially in a group meant to promote awesome.

I've added my absolute favorite fic, "Now Available on Vinyl" to the best stories folder -- I think that fic is seriously underappreciated.

293025 its great to have you here have fun with it we have great stories already there and i think youll enjoy my one rule

Hey everypony! Evening Storm invited me to join this group and I jumped on it, because I totally have a story I'm in love with and want more people to read as well. I will add it to the best stories folder momentarily :pinkiehappy:

293023 Welp, when you publish your story, I can help by giving it a good TWE review! :twilightblush:

293021 anytime just keep in mind you can also become an admin and if i ever break these rules or someone else has then report it to me Glow or Brawney because they have immediate access to me. if your reporting me then tell either me of my wrongdoing or the others and they should tell me anonymously if you say so

  • Viewing 5 - 24 of 24
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