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Hello · 9:19pm Feb 20th, 2016

Hey guys!

I had this strange, nostalgic urge to run back over here and look around. Damn this site has changed a fair bit in the last... 43 weeks since I last popped in.

So, what's up?

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Good memories were had here. Great stories were told. And though time does digress, from new to the old, with great affection will I remember the feelings I had come to love.

2183805 I'm not so sure that the site is entirely dead. There are many great fics still coming out of it and there could be some still to come in the future. I am wondering what the golden age actually was if you know? And the show definitely keeps on trucking. Saddle Row was one of my favourite episodes.
I do reluctantly concede that the site is slowly dying. :ajsleepy:
But its not dead yet.

Oh deary. Isn't it a bit sad coming around here nowadays? Checking up on all your favorite writers, and realizing that the golden age of FiMFiction (and maybe the show in general) is long past. If you do see this Raven, I hope you're alright, and happy with whatever you're doing in your life now. I'm sure we'll all have nostalgic memories about that golden age, and the sense of community, forevermore. :fluttershysad:

Well, if he ever comes by, and if anyone else silently acknowledges it. I was a lurker, didn't say much and still don't; still come by around and see what he's been up to and what he's updated in Gears and Wings and some of his other writings.
I'm not sure about anyone, in all honesty, but for me, I've joined the military and mlp just isn't something I constantly trend and update myself with anymore, there's no time to!
Doesn't mean I left it completely, and I'd like to think that many of us haven't either.
Deep in my heart, I hope...

  • Viewing 422 - 426 of 426
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