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Military research facility five, built in the year 31NLR, has been unmaintained and abandoned for over seventeen years. Now the central AI [Pony-Net] has found itself a new friend. How will a super intelligent computer cope with the stupidity of an organic being? Read or be cured.
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Alrighty, this was different but definitly enjoyable.
Take my five stars.

huh. Nice story you got here. Looking forward to more chapters if your gonna write more.

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Hello everypony who has read our piece of fiction. Thank you for taking the time to read this horrible rough version. It is just something we programmed in between chapters of my other much larger projects. It is far from complete, we intend to add a few thousand words to the first chapter [mostly descriptors and emotions, we find the story to be somewhat lack-lustre as is] Whether or not we will add subsequent chapters depends on reader responses. Have a wonderful day and don`t forget to comment, or we will cure you...
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Interesting story insofar. To bad it's complete as I'm curious to see where the story would go now that [Unknown] has passed the test. Have some stars while you're at it.

I may or may not continue the story (removed the complete label, forgot it was there), I was intending to make this a one-shot that I'd work on in-between chapters of my other story, still far from complete I need to polish it up a tad...

Anywho I have no idea where the rest of the plot could go, this was not something I planned out or gave lots of thought to, it was more of a spur of the moment "Lets write a story about Crazy Ai's" inspired by Dr.Dissonance's song. LINK:


Glad you guys like it! I might write a second chapter if I feel like it/ if I get a good idea.


Oh god I hope Mr.Dates (what I shall call the earth pony from now on) is okay :O

:facehoof: you never trust a crazy AI

Eh... This was good and bad.
It was a good concept and plotline but the lack of information on how this world differed from canon Equestria in history and events, as well as the confusing inclusion of Twilight Sparkle and the contradictions between the "sickness" she mentioned in the recording and the AI's twisted interpretation of organic entropy as a sickness just made the whole thing not make any sense. It honestly might have been better if you had included less contextual setting, allowing the story to exist in a "bubble" without so many confusing tangents for the reader to wonder about.

Also this story is so overdone I think I've see/read/played it in one version or another about 20 times by now.

In addition, the Friendship is Magic setting is interesting because it has the ability to take common themes and present them in an extremely original way, this seemed to just use the setting as a placeholder and did absolutely nothing unique with it.

Personally I only take grimdark with my ponies when it's "worth it", this just wasn't.

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this is Captain redHoof of the galactic pirating fleet, led by the flagship, the "Bentenmaru".
we just discovered this fantastic work of art, the datamining crew has called it "[P0NY-NET].
The crew seems to like it quite a bit, everypony has made a copy of it for themselves.

we will be docking soon with our next target, so i will make the message quick. Write more, or
i cant promise you your next space flight a safe one.
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Very interesting, I enjoyed reading this.:pinkiehappy:

It was really awesome. I enjoyed it, and hope you write more! Preferably with the mane character from this one somehow alive. =)

Creepy as fuck, for some reason this reminded me of I have no mouth and yet I must scream. I usually don't have the stomach for this kind of story but I will read if you continue

It's kind of written in the same way as my story (Jesus if you don't believe me look!)
I think you are a copier!
Nah I'm just jesting.

Very entertaining story. Although the idea is similar to portal, Ponynet and Glados are clearly separate characters in my mind. A second chapter would be interesting, but it might damage the impact the story has.
As a transpiring engineer, I would also suggest changing around several terms.
"It was demanding a much higher wattage" -> amperage
Anything with capacitor -> module
Capacitors are extremely simple and they're not capable of doing any kind of logic processing

5 stars!

awesome story. I cant wait to see more!
Really really cool story! I love stories like this.!

Reminds me of "I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream" by Harlan Ellison. Very nice. Suspenseful and engaging. :pinkiesmile:

Nice story.
So what, did she really manage to cure him? Poor chap. :raritywink:

This is the first comment that I've made, as this was the piece that finally convinced me to make a FIM Fiction account. I'll let that speak for itself.

I absolutely loved your work. You managed to create two characters that interacted brilliantly, and I found myself alternately grinning and wincing at their conversation.

Of a special note is your syntax whenever the AI would speak; I felt that the readout really did wonders in preserving her status as a machine, despite the effects of friendship. She seemed almost ‘human’ through the middle of the piece, but your masterful control (programming?) of her development really brought out the differences between the ‘biologicals’ and herself.

Applause all around for this work… I absolutely loved it. Here’s to hoping I don’t get sprayed down with fire-retardant if I ask for more! :fluttershbad:


Thank you very much! It means a lot to me that you enjoyed my fic. If you really feel like it I'd suggest reading the G-Docs version, the typesetting works wonders in fleshing out [Pony-Net]'s 'voice'.

Worry not there is more to come. I am in the middle of two fics at this very moment.

Do you like Dieselpunk?


You are indeed right in that the typeset lends her a different air. She comes off as even more otherworldly and advanced when compared to the narration and to her friend (*cough test subject *cough). If anything, I like the version here not only because it was my first exposure to the piece, but rather due to the fact that the plain font adds to the mechanical nature of her character. (Though I really do like the GoogleDocs version... I must read the next chapter in the font you intended and see if it does change her voice as I perceive it.)

Most excellent! :pinkiesad2: I was afraid that this was a one-off; you know that the piece you've written is gold when your readers clamor for more. I can't wait to see it! :raritywink:

From what I'm seeing in preliminary Google searches, I'm really liking what I see. (It's a grittier, nastier steampunk that doesn't leave behind just water vapor! Perfect for grim / dark stories such as this, and will serve as a contrast with the further exploration of friendship.)

If you're intending to use Dieselpunk in the next segment, would it be based on her fuel reserves running off combustion, or what would be the tie-in to the current storyline?


No that Dieselpunk story I am writing is a stand alone fic. Or fics... Should be rather long!

As for [Pony-Net] I am not sure weather I want to continue it or nor. It was fun to write, fun-ish to edit and awesome to get unto EqD but I don't feel like writing a sequal, add that to the fact that I've got no clue what to write for a second fic...

Maybe... Once I get the three projects I am on right now done and over with I might lok back and add to this story!


Most Excellent! I can't wait to see it, as you do have a formidable talent with words. What should I expect from this new world of yours? (Other than the customary flowing conversations and sharp wit... I see that you do that naturally. :derpytongue2:)

Well, if you do feel the want to continue this, I'd love to find out more about our AI friend and her successful experiment. (She just cured DEATH? I mean, that's gotta attract some kind of attention to her, no matter if it zombifies whoever she attempts the procedure on.) I really want to see what his end result would be of the passage.

Something interesting if you would continue it would be the combination of our explorer's body and persona with a small amount of bionics. PONY-NET would want to make sure that her new friend would stay safe, and perhaps record snippets of the world that she could later download. (Or you have the option of attempting to restore her interfaces with the surface community... that might be amusing.)

I can't wait to see what happens! Good luck on your Dieselpunk fic!

Great story, PONy-Net reminds me of of both HAL=9000 and GLaDOS.

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if the cure is the cure,
who is vaccinated?
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I liked the "robotic" personality that the narrator adopted when telling the story. Seems like he is a part of PONy-Net's mainframes. I have... conflicting opinions about "Artificial Feelings", but seeing that this story pulled it off quite nicely, I'm OK with this.
And Blueblood's death... oh my, that made me laugh.

Somehow, the first time she mentioned cure, I instantly thought: "Either she's curing them from life or from death"
Against what has been stated in other comments, I do not think this needs a backstory to work. I definitely enjoy being plunged directly into the battlefield and left to wonder about something (like Mr. Brown Stallion there).

Oh, in the end you forgot to mention his race when she's describing his physical characteristics.

Glad to see that her test was successful... may the new lifeform arise

Thanks mate! This is one of those fics I wrote quite a while ago. T'was a fun time.

475929 Still planning on continuing this?


Hmm, too busy. I have the ideas for it, but soo little tome. I am trying to send an update a week to EqD (For Steam Gears and Wings) while working on the four other projects that I am on... Time is precious.

475973 I can understand that. Well, I'll fav this in case you do... and if you end up not doing it... well, at least my fav list will have 1+ great story added to it.


Thanks, I appreciate it!

Now back to work I go!

One of these days I'll write something good.

Oh, and if I may, try to find the G-Docs version of this, it's much better (in my opinion) it's on EqD... somewhere.

So she cured him of death? :derpytongue2:
And I really want to see more of this! :moustache:

Well this was something else all right. I was enamored with Pony-Net because of her childlike desire to keep her friend. As she began to talk about the "cure" I began to suspect that something was off, but you still managed to keep me guessing until the very end.

Has the possibility of this being continued been overwritten in the databanks?

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